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Imogen-Edwards Jones shot to fame (in my world anyway) when her Hotel Babylon story became a hit BBC Television series with its behind the scenes salacious gossip view of the shenanigans of the Hotel Industry.  Since then she’s had a succession of fictional tales (but based on true stories) released with her anonymous sources co-collaborating and dishing the dirt on that particular industry.   The latest to hit our bookshelves is Wedding Babylon with the veil being lifted on the wedding industry and showbiz weddings are notorious for their over-the-top wedding celebrations.

Wedding Babylon_lr

The excesses and the ludicrous overcharging in the wedding industry is world renowned and how it can still occur is beyond me.  Wedding Babylon shows that dream days are not far away from becoming a nightmare and what wedding planners have to put up with.

Although the fictional characters in this book are larger than life, they are based on real people and stories and some just left me with a shudder down my spine.  There are plenty of hilarious tales of debauchery and nightmare relationships between the uniting families that are commonplace no matter who is getting married.

Even though I haven’t read all of Imogen’s books, my favourite would be Hotel Babylon and I’m bummed that we have only had Series 1 here when in the UK they are up to Series 4!

Air&Hotel Babylon

Air Babylon; Fashion Babylon; Beach Babylon.

Fashion&Beach Babylon

Pop Babylon is next on my list to read, the trade paperback is out this September, and is a behind the scenes look at the music industry.  Imogen mentioned on her twitter account back in June that her next Babylon book may be on Doctors and Hospital, that book is sure to send shivers down our spines.

Pop Babylon_lr

Imogen Edwards-Jones is a British Author and Journalist and she does have a variety of other books under her belt outside the Babylon series such as The Wendy House and Shagpile but I haven’t read them.  And surprisingly I couldn’t find a website for her.

Have you read the Babylon series?  Which one is your favourite?

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