Diet Coke gets Ugly

| 2 August , 2009 | 1 Reply

Patricia Field has collaborated with Diet Coke on another sweet collection and of course I love it not only because it’s with Ugly Betty but it’s pink and a pink leopard print at that!

Inspired by Betty’s style (dubious though it may be), the bottle is covered in a pink leopard print layer – but the rest of the design is up to the drinker. A selection of stickers, supplied with the bottle, let each person customise their Betty bottle in their own individual style – stickers include a butterfly-edged red hat, her iconic “B” pendant, or her famous poncho.

“I enjoy the cross branding of Patricia Field and Diet Coke,” Patricia Field said. “Based on prior experience, when I designed the Diet Coke City Collection, I was energised to work on the Diet Coke Betty Bottle”.


The Diet Coke Betty Bottle is sold only in the UK at Selfridges stores where it retails for £1.29.


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Patricia previously designed these four Diet Coke City Collection Bottles for Selfridges last year.  The four bottles featured cartoon imagery (yay for us cartoons) with the four bottles each representing a different part of a woman\’s life: gold for career, red for passion, pink for love and turquoise for fashion. [Source]


Now when are we going to start getting these gorgeous collectibles on our shelves?  You know how much I love collecting.

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