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Perfumes are hitting our shelves so quickly, I can’t keep up.  Three new pink inspired ones coming out soon are Nina Ricci‘s Ricci Ricci, Juicy Couture‘s Couture Couture and Avril Lavigne‘s debut fragrance Black Star.

My favourite campaign imagery is Nina Ricci‘s ’cause it’s cute, girlie and embraces my love of the French whimsical theming (think Miss Dior).  It stars Jessica Stam in a catsuit (with cute and naughty little horns), gloves and a pretty pink ribbon dancing across the rooftops of the Parisian skyline.

Ricci Ricci

This scent follows the insanely popular fragrance Nina, the scent is said to smell like rhubarb zest and bergamot.  There is also something among the top notes called belle de nuit, also known as the “four o’clock flower.” To further complicate things, the base notes are made up of sandalwood and patchouli; this will give the perfume the mature scent Ricci is aiming for. Ricci Ricci will be launched in France August 24, and in the U.S. sometime in 2010. [Source]

Next up is Juicy Couture‘s Couture Couture floral scent with top notes of mandarin, succulent pink grape accord, natural orange flower; heart notes of star jasmine, blushed plum, honeysuckle; base notes of moist amber, creamy sandalwood, vanilla extract.  This bottle is just gorgeous with a touch of glamboyance to it and would look heavenly on my walk-in dresser.  [Source]


And lastly Avril’s perfume is described as a floral oriental by Douglas perfumery although Lavigne herself preferred to stress that it is very fruity and floral by pointing out a “high note” of pink hibiscus, a heart of plum and some chocolate.

“Black Star is a fruity floral fragrance that combines the delicate scents of the pink hibiscus flower with addictively delicious black plum and dark chocolate! The notes blend to create a swirling, sparkling cloud of fragrance, for a truly energetic scent!

Lavigne said “When I created the scent, I knew the fragrance had to have dark chocolate… I was thrilled to be able to incorporate such an unexpected element into Black Star.”


“This beautiful faceted bottle comes with an unexpected twist – a removable studded ring accessory – to capture Avril’s distinctive rock-glam style – a perfect fusion of punk and pretty. Further celebrating Avril’s punk flair, the Black Star outer-packaging was inspired by her favorite studded leather wrist band.

Avril on the bottle: “I really love unexpected combinations like pink and black… and fun accessories like stars and studs. This is what you’ll see in my perfume bottle. In fact, I almost wanted the bottle to become an accessory so the studded collar you see is actually a removable ring that people can hang around things like necklaces.” (Ed’s note: I can’t believe they let a comment come out with ‘people can hang around things like necklaces!’).

What do you think of her advert?


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