Snow bunnies galore

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My posse of girlfriends put on our snow bunny boots and headed down to the Cargo Lounge at Darling Harbour in Sydney for MTV’s Snow Jam winter wonderland party on Thursday evening.


The gorgeous Ruby Rose and very cheeky Darren McMullen were our MTV hosts for the evening and showed us a sneak preview of MTV Snow Jam\’s show reel showing highlights from the Falls Creek event – Snow Jam will air live on MTV, Saturday 15th August at 5pm.

MTV Snow Jam Winter Warm Up Party with Ruby Rose, Darren McMulle

The venue was bursting at the seams when we arrived and we had to stage a coup to get in otherwise we would have been waiting for hours on the sidewalk trying not to transform into Snowwomen!  Lucky Sassi knew who to hold to ransom! The music totally rocked with older tunes and our posse boogied away and Gia’s hot moves won the Disco Diva crown.

Erin & Heidi

Guests (including VIP’s such as Erin McNaught, Nikki Phillips and Heidi Houghting) were invited to give the giant snowboard simulator machine a whirl!  I didn’t think flashing my knickers was a good idea so I watched from the sidelines – I was very supportive and encouraging though! 🙂

MTV Snow Jam Winter Warm Up Party with Ruby Rose, Darren McMulle

After Snow Jam, I headed up to Piano Room to check out Sally Singleton’s single launch and lingerie parade.  The parade was the quickest parade I’d ever seen, the girls left little Speedy Gonzales puffs of smoke at their heels as they zipped through the crowd.

Bikini Model Duo

We did want to pop over to the The ABSOLUT Stairwell Gallery at Sugarmill but we missed it.  It was an ambitious plan to try and go to three events in a row we knew but we did try.


Each month the Stairwell will feature a different artistic medium like graffiti, painting and photography starting with an exhibition by Sydney street artist group StupidKrap! headed by artist Ben Frost. The space is dedicated to increase support and uphold the great artistic works of Australia\’s young artist\’s.

It’s time to have a lie down now, too much fun is exhausting.

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