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Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Icon - Nude-Tricious  LRClinque’s new Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour is no ordinary lip gloss.  As most of you know I am a bit of a gloss addict, actually I’m discovering more and more how many little addictions I have as blog posts get posted!

Anyway back to the Lip Smoothie, I have been trialling their Nude-Tritious and Goodness Grapecious (cute names) and I am a fan.  The Shea Butter and Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter create the smoothie component to the gloss.  The texture is thickish but glides on smoothly, I did make the mistake of putting too much on so I suggest you have a play to find the right thickness for you.  The built-in brush makes the application easy peasy.

The best part is that the formula is bursting with goodness to keep your lips kissable at all times. It contains antioxidants with key ingredients of Açaí Berry, Pomegranate and of course Vitamin C to help fight off the little lines and wrinkles in your lips that cause premature aging (even our lips aren’t immune).

Açaí Berry is said to have one of the highest levels of antioxidants among all fruits and it is Indigenous to Brazil\’s Amazon Rain Forest.  

It is definitely an antioxidant fruit smoothie for our lips.

The Lip Smoothies will be available in six lip-quenching, water-resistant, juicy shades ranging from opaque to shimmery, including: Fig-a-licious, Nude-tricious, Raisin the Bar, Pink Me Up, Rhubarbie, and Goodness Grapecious.

Clinque Lip Smoothie LR

Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Dermatologist Tested.

Available at Clinique counters nationwide and online on 25 October 2009.  RRP: $37

Put it on your list.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Loving this product, i got a sneaky peak on Friday and cant wait for more of this in October!!

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