Barbie goes Twilight

| 12 August , 2009 | 48 Replies

Barbie continues to celebrate her 50th Birthday and the latest release is the Twilight Barbies, yes Barbie has jumped into the Twilight Zone. Twilight (or Barbie) fans can now add Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Barbie Dolls to their collections.  I think they are great replica’s of the stars (unlike poor Sienna Miller’s GI Joe unlikeness).

Twilight Barbie 1a

Apparently they are created in the likeness of the ‘Forever 17’ scene of Twilight (I am probably the only person on the planet right now who hasn’t seen Twilight so excuse my ignorance, it’s on the list).  They will be available November 1 this year (just in time for the release of New Moon I believe) and around US$25 (

Twilight Barbie 2a[Source]

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  1. team jacob says:

    Bella wears a wig in eclipse, so when they make an eclpise Bella, her hair must come off, and it willl be short under. HA-HA!!!

  2. haha so cute i love this.

  3. Erin Day says:

    Are you serious about this!!!! Oh come on! This is awful and horrible.

  4. bELLduh says:

    LOL the Edward one looks funny, whats with the hair!? there r other figurines you can get that look a tad better. I like the Bella one tho, they shud make the whole cast, I want Rosalie and make a special Dr Carlisle Cullen barbie! aww so cute with his stethescope! Twilight Rox.

  5. Dainty Darlings says:

    That’s really funny! I had no idea. I’ll be willing to bet more adults will buy these than teens.

  6. limi89 says:

    Well… Camera Girl’s right – they did a good job on the clothes and on doing up Ken as Edward Cullen.

    But they’re still just dolls. Seriously, stop ripping off teenage fangirls – it may be easy but that doesn’t make it right.

  7. zapo422001 says:

    these r not the first vampire barbys there are buffy the vampire slayer dolls

  8. w90y83 says:

    eeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! Twilght!! eewwww!

  9. geekyamna says:

    Oh dear god.

  10. dinu says:

    looks pretty cool !

  11. Deasy says:

    o.o Those dolls look nothing like the actors >.>

  12. adelchi25 says:

    hi sam! cite blog site. twilight dolls has resemblance with with the characters in the movie. i think after the movie release of new moon there will be a new addition of these dolls. lol
    by the way im marc kinda new here.. you can visit my site if you have time its mainly about video releases and movie reviews.thanks!

  13. natalis62 says:

    yes, they look like kstew and rpatz in the movie…. but they actually look like bella and edward most.

    i… like it?? but, come on!!!! barbies of twiligth?¿? what’s next? a coke add about twiligth… a pizza whit the faces of kris and rob on it…. LOL

  14. francisca says:

    hi thanks for share,i always came to visit ur Blog:)

  15. courts18 says:

    Ha this is hilarious! He looks kind of like him but Bella just looks like an average barbie.

  16. nymphadoratonks93 says:

    you’re not the only one who hasn’t seen twilight….lolz i havent seen it and im not planning on it….

  17. meezletoe says:

    I became disgusted with Barbie when I was 13 I think. Before I had fun, even when I was 11 playing with them (I’d attack my sister with them. Like “RAAA, C.I.A. BARBIE HAS CAUGHT YOU IN THE ACT OF BEING IDLE!!” or something. But I went to the store and saw hundreds of Barbie clones AND THE PLASTIC SMILES AND REALITY TV AND BRATZ DOLLS….*women’s shrill scream of terror*
    So, ya.
    And I’m still trying to understand this Mosquito phenomenon. The books I am not liking, but that doesn’t matter anymore. This contagious disease has spread. We are all doomed. With the Barbie and Twilight bond being sealed, and the manga coming out, we can only count the seconds until the Food, Drug, and Soda industry become involved (not to mention the the music and film industry).

  18. Tisya says:

    Hahaha wow:) the Edward doll looks just like Robert Pattinson but the Bella doll looks nothing like Kristen Stewart.

  19. maddiesworld202 says:

    Awesome! I love Twilight- I am buying both of them!

  20. Meaghan says:

    thats sooo funny!!! hahahahaha 😀 idk y it just is i remember when i used to play with barbies!!! haha it wasnt that long ago haha

  21. vampiregran says:

    I love Barbie! I’ve never seen Twightlight but I’m totally into the True Blood series. I have the original tatooed Barbies that had everyone up in arms several years back. I still have my original Barbie and Ken from 1964. And if they ever make a Barbie with fangs, I’ll be in line to buy that one. And yes, I am vampiregran.

  22. Mariella says:

    strangely enough, I would buy them. :/

  23. playingmarla says:

    This particular Barbie looks too much like Cheryl Cole, don’t you think? Ken’s face looks tooooo shiny. :S 🙂

  24. steveton says:

    not really look alike

  25. Gerber Ink says:

    Cool! I like the way Ken has the pasty complexion too, like a vamp! Too bad they didn’t give him fangs. 🙂

  26. kenounirenashin says:

    Don’t worry, I haven’t seen (or read) Twilight either.

  27. jb says:

    I just had to drop in and write something about this.

    There are very few times in my life that I have been left literally speechless, most of the times during awkward moments between two women that you were pegging to the wall, but I have nothing. I’m spent.

    The fact that these books have put an interest into Americans to pick up a book and read is great, but it would be nice if the trend continues with something else – I’m tired of seeing an actor that looks like he is riding a two week cycle of constipation, and an actress that I think they hired from a strip club.

    Sock puppets.

  28. Fooler says:

    Poor Barbie ^^’

  29. nothingqueen says:

    I have this huge urge to stick them in a microwave. I have no idea where this came from.

  30. aysel says:

    wanted to see how this comment showed up on your blog

  31. shyshy6510 says:

    I love them and Edward’s is wearing his same exact outfit!! (: Not worth 25$ though.


  32. Camera Girl says:

    while i don’t like twilight, i have to admit they did a good job ON THE CLOTHES. bella’s face.. srsly wtf? she did NOT smile that much.

    edward they did a good job. heck they did a better job than robbie paterson did.

    but their clothes sell it for me. loving those coats! :] hyped!

  33. lindysmith10 says:

    Seriously? I really think they are taking Twilight way too far. I love the books and was a fan of the movie but, are they really going to make Barbie dolls of vampires?

    Thanks for sharing. I love your blog =)

  34. Tammy says:

    Oh my gosh, I love it!

  35. eve says:

    i luv twilight so much it is just so funny

  36. eve says:

    hey haha that is so funny

  37. This must be the Vampire Bella.

  38. SunPony15 says:

    They look nothing like them. the hair on edward is totally not right.

  39. khoula says:

    hy there ! A nice effort …so keep bringing more stuff like this…..:)

  40. what happened to the fangs?

  41. wesleyvintonharney says:

    I have just lost ALL faith in humanity. You know those things will be every where! We cannot escape.

  42. dlfields says:

    The boy doll looks like he needs some sun. No pun intended.
    At least they don’t look like Barbie and Ken in costumes.

  43. littleblackearrings says:

    When did Kirsten Stewart get those curves? Apparently she looks like a women again.

  44. Kimberley says:

    OMG.. geez. Really?! This is horrible! Plus, the Barbie here is less monotone and non-smiley like KStew 😛

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