Up close with Delta Goodrem for Sunsilk

| 14 August , 2009 | 11 Replies

I was so excited to be teetering off with my friends Amanda and Donny to see the very talented Delta Goodrem at theLoft, King Street Wharf in Sydney earlier this week.

She was there to launch her latest Shampoo & Conditioner in collaboration with Sunsilk, unveil her ‘secret weapon’ Dale Dorning and show us a sneak peak at her new TV campaign and Live DVD .  It was a full platter and was hosted by the adorable Lyndsey Rodrigues who I now claim as my new BFF, I luff  her 🙂


To say that we were excited to be going to see Delta is a little bit of an understatement but we were cool, we weren’t going to let on but this media scrum weren’t as cool and collected as us!

Media Scrum

Delta is renowned for her glamboyant tresses and  Dale & Lyndsey walked us up the red carpet showcasing some of Delta’s favourite glamour moments. Minor embarrassing moment for Delta with too much fawning by Dale & Lyndsey saw her leave the stage and stand with us but it’s hard not to fawn over her.  BTW – Delta was wearing a very feminine coral dress by Willow styled back with nude YSL heels.

Trio Combined

We were also joined by the lovely Sam Brett, Amy Erbacher and Jaynie Seal all looking sexy in matching black & white outfits with Sam Brett’s hair always looking fantabolous glamboyant whenver I see her.

Sam Brett, Amy Erbacher, Jaynie Seal (1003)_lr_frame

So back to Sunsilk we were there to hear about Sunsilk‘s new Moisture Therapy Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo & Conditioner. They say it will reconstruct our hair\’s surface from the first wash by wrapping it in a protective barrier strand by strand and nourish to rehydrate our hair, helping prevent further damage by targeting areas of damage filling in cracks and chips strand by strand and wraping our hair in a protective barrier to help prevent further damage.  You can find them on your supermarket or pharmacy shelves now.

Now more Bad Hair Days now girls!

Sunsilk Campaign Pic



Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

** Australian residents only, please comment below what your secret hair style tip is. Winners announced next week. Good luck.

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  1. sassisam says:

    Congratulations to Sarah, Marion & Rachel … you have each won a Sunsilk Twin Pack. I will be in contact shortly to get your postal details.

  2. Mandy says:

    When my hair is looking a bit flat, I flip my head upside down, hairspray and brush the underside of my hair, then flip my head back up. It gives my hair lots of body!

  3. Jenna says:

    Great article! Don’t we all wish we could have hear like Delta?? Well, I do anyway! 🙂

    To look after my hair, I always use a thick-toothed comb after washing to avoid stressing and damaging the hair; use an intense moisture treatment once a week and try to have at least 4 days a week where I don’t use my straightener!

  4. randomlymikey says:

    my main tips are:
    -don’t wash everyday, still shower of course 🙂
    -rinse with cool/cold water
    -deep condition regularly.
    -try not to brush when wet. be careful
    -never use heat without some sort of serum

  5. Mich says:

    I have thin hair and my hair tends to get oily quickly especially when straightened! Therefore I carry Dry Shampoo with me everywhere I go. It adds volume and gives ny hair a fresh look. I now cannot live without it!!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    I have really long wavy hair and brushing it is a pain! To beat the frizz i never brush my hair when it’s wet, instead comb through conditioner in the shower with a wide tooth comb (starting from the tips and working your way up), do not shampoo every day (strips natural oils too much), use treatments regularly and do NOT tie your hair up at night with a tight band…causes breakage!

  7. sarahayoub says:

    For Gisele-like long locks with a little bit of curl/bounce at the ends, I towel dry hair, run a smoothing serum/cream throughout, and put it in a tight bun at the nape of my neck. I either blast with a hairdryer or let dry naturally, and voila, easy hair – minimum fuss.

  8. Marion says:

    I have long hair too and special care is definitely needed!

    My secret to keep my hair nice and beautiful is:
    – No strong blow dry, straightener or whatever styling item that would burn, dry and weaken my hair.
    – Regular cut, to keep nice ends and refresh hair style.

    As well, i have straight hair and sometimes i want to go curly/wavy! My secret then is my grandma’s hair curlers! 🙂 Yep, old school!

  9. Cheree says:

    Limit brushing when wet, and take your hairdressers advice with styling… they know best.. just like Sunsilk!

  10. ShopGirl says:

    My hair style tip is rinsing with cold water. It’s a shock to the skin and not so pleasant in winter, but it closes the cuticles and leaves hair shiny shiny shiny.

  11. Jess says:

    Hmm, I think being gentle with it is the most important. I have really long hair, and putting it up in hairbands can really break it big time – so I try to be careful!

    I also love using the diffuser on my hairdryer if I want to add some volume!

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