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Sydney has been experiencing Spring/Summer weather in the middle of our Winter, it’s been incredibly glorious and with this weather comes the natural desire to enjoy ice cream and gelato, they just go hand in hand with the weather.  Personally I could eat ice-cream or gelato everyday, you know I have a sweet tooth.

The good folks at Gelatissimo were very kind and sent me a Gelato Take Home Pack, filled to the brim with the flavours of Limoncello, Chinese Lychee, French Creme Brulee and American Choc Fudge Brownie; to say that I was in heaven is an understatement.


I have a local Gelatissimo store and during the summer months, they are a frequent stop on my way home from the beach.  Gelatissimo opened their first store in 2002 and manufacture their gelato’s fresh everyday instore.

Recently they introduced 12 new gelato flavours; a taste of paradise with Tahitian Coconut Cream and Lime, and Carribbean Papaya and Passionfruit, experience the flavour of Italy with Italian Limoncello, enjoy a taste of Brazil with Brazilian Coffee, savor the spirit of Asia with Thai Mango and Coconut and Chinese Lychee and Coconut. Do as the French do and enjoy French Crème Brulee or sample the Swiss Toblerone, indulge in classic American Fudge Brownie or the quintessential Canadian Maple and Walnut, enjoy a Kiwi treat with Hokey Pokey and celebrate all things OZ with Australian Honey and Macadamia gelato.

I had the pleasure of meeting Domenico Lepresti, the joint CEO of Gelatissimo at my friend Donny Galella’s 30th birthday party; we were spoilt with the cutest mini-cones of gelato for dessert.  Dom hopes the 12 new flavours will appeal to our multicultural palates this spring/summer, the ones I got to snuffle down like a little piggy were so scrumptious and I loved the opportunity of having flavours selected for me ’cause I will always go for the same flavours and not be as adventurous as I should be.

So head down to your local Gelatissimo store and find your favourite international flavour and let me know which one you love the best.

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