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| 19 August , 2009 | 1 Reply

Jeremy-Is-TrendIf you haven’t heard of Trendhunter then you are missing out big time because five million visitors monthly can’t be wrong.  According to MTV, Trendhunter is the place to “find out what’s cool before it’s cool.”  Founded by Jeremy Gutsche, the go-to-guy for all things cool is releasing his latest book Exploiting Chaos.  Already named as one of CEO Read’s ‘2009 Books to Watch’, the English version of EXPLOITING CHAOS is set to rock bookstores on Sept. 1.

Chaos (kā,äs) is the uncertainty sparked by uncharted territory, economic recession, and bubbles of opportunity.

Chaos causes organizations to retreat . . . but not always.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Hewlett-Packard, Disney, Hyatt, MTV, CNN, Microsoft, Burger King, and GE all started during periods of economic recession? Periods of uncertainty fuel tremendous opportunity, but they also reshuffle the deck and change the rules of the game. That’s where EXPLOITING CHAOS comes in…

If you want to be ahead of the pack, be completely inspired and have Jeremy’s 150 Ways to Spark a Revolution During Times of Change in your hot little hands as soon as it hits the shelves, then click here to get your free sneak peak and pre-order your copy. Click here NOW.  I’m a trendhunter addict!

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  1. Trend Hunter says:

    Thanks so much for featuring Exploiting Chaos on your site and for all of your kind words. We appreciate it here at Trend Hunter!

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