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The divine Ms Minogue is getting ready to kick off her first-ever  US tour and it’s about time too!  We wish her all the best of luck, I’m sure she will totally rock their socks off.  And to kick it off she’s front and centre on the cover of Instinct Magazine‘s September issue.  Doesn’t she look fantabolously glamboyant?  I love her chameleon ways.

Kylie 1a

Kylie talked exclusive with the gay magazine about her tour and she’s excited.  I think it’s great that she gives an exclusive to a gay magazine rather than one of the usual glossies, she has a huge gay following, she’s a renowned gay icon.  For me, she’s who I listened to and danced around my room singing into a hairbrush when I was growing up and I still do, although I don’t use the hairbrush anymore!

Kylie 2a

Exclusive Interview Excerpt:
There are two types of gays in the world: Kylie gays and everyone else. We are so Kylie gays. Ms. Minogue has held the world\’s attention for 20 plus years now; dancing, singing, acting and shocking millions along the way. Whether you remember her “Locomotion” or just couldn\’t seem to shake “Can\’t Get You Out Of My Head,” Kylie\’s dozens of hits off her 10 albums have come to represent moments and memories for all of us. (Who doesn\’t remember dancing to “Love At First Sight” during Pride 2002?!) And whether at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, Sydney Mardi Gras or her extravagant, over-the-top tours, it seems the whole world has gotten to see Kylie live— except for us. But that is all about to change. Now, as she prepares for her first-ever U.S. tour (which kicks off Sept. 30), Kylie speaks exclusively with Instinct about her dream of a hot, sweaty club tour through the States, \’80s flashbacks and her deep-rooted love and commitment to her gays.

INSTINCT: Our prayers have been answered—you\’re finally touring America! How does it feel?

KYLIE: [Laughs] I\’m so excited, it\’s ridiculous. There is still a certain amount of disbelief because it\’s really happening. I\’ve spoken about this for so long and I was sure the fans in the States had given up, hadn\’t you?

INSTINCT: Oh no! We may have gotten a little weary, but we kept the faith. Had you tried to launch a U.S. tour before?

KYLIE: With my management and production team, we talked about it many times, but as you know, my shows are on the bigger side. They\’re bigger girls. [Laughs] And it just was never feasible for us to do it. So I just ended up biting the bullet and saying, ‘It\’s now or never.\’ I\’m having such a good time performing at the moment and the X tour last year was something of a revelation.

INSTINCT: Why do you say that?

KYLIE: Because when I used to do performances, I might have exuded an air of confidence but I didn\’t really have it. I spent a lot of time stressing and worrying and I couldn\’t tour and actually be. Then after I was ill I reevaluated things and said I can\’t go through that stress again. It\’s not worth it. This is who I am and I\’m going to try and have the same outcome without so much stress. So that\’s what I did. I\’m happy and I\’m having a ball. I love my new band, there\’s a dynamism.

INSTINCT: Why now?

KYLIE: Literally I thought, it\’s now or never. I want to do it and I don\’t want to be making that move in 10 years. I was just on a bit of a roll with the team I have right now.

INSTINCT: You\’re doing smaller venues here than you normally do, so are you building a whole new show?

KYLIE: That\’s been our one stumbling block. The venues are all totally different. I won\’t bore you with the details but technically it\’s really, really difficult. When we\’ve had some stumbling blocks and complications I\’ve piped up and said, ‘Oh, this is why we\’ve never done this before.\’ [Laughs] But we\’re all so inspired to be doing this. We\’re kind of back referencing some of the tours because I haven\’t brought any of them to the States. So there will be bits and pieces, but I won\’t tell you which parts. It\’s a surprise.

Of course you can only read the full interview if you purchase the mag, but I’m happy with the two pics, I’ll always be a loyal Kylie fan.

[Image] [Interview]

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  1. Dewberry says:

    Oh dear-she really is useless at acting, singing and dancing,but hey the gays adore her.Well about 2 million of them worldwide.She IS all about OTT costumes for whatever that is worth.

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