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So I’m currently sitting here procrastinating big time today, but I have the very cool Charmaine Bingwa keeping me company with her soulful tunes!  Charmaine is a talented local artist and I’m a big fan and I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Piano Room one night a couple of months ago.

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Born in Perth, this young and glamboyant singer/songwriter picked up her first guitar at the age of 12 and when she was old enough she wasted no time in busting into the local music scene as the front woman for her very first rock covers band.  She then made the spontaneous, life-changing decision to relocate to Sydney for which we are very lucky 🙂

How did you get into music? How long have you been singing and playing guitar? I got given a guitar, it was kind of an unwanted gift, but once I picked it up, I never put it down. Songwriting was a natural instinct.

Tell us about your music and your band I have always been playing in various cover bands or just acoustic sets and our current band got together earlier this year and it just worked. It\’s mostly funky rock with a pop edge. Because I play electric and lead, I get paralleled to a female Lenny Kravitz. We just have a great energy together and unique sound that gets stronger and stronger the more we play. And you can really see the development in our songs – the new stuff is tight.

What have been your biggest challenges? The music is scene in Australia is small and hard work, but it just forces you to work harder.

What have been the biggest highs for you? Playing at great venues, singing with greats like Leo Sayer and many of the other wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with. Also seeing great live acts like Stevie Wonder.

What\’s your proudest moment so far? Probably my EP launch in May this year. We packed the venue with hundreds of people and got a great response the debut EP. I just remember being backstage and then been greeted by hundreds of people screaming. That was pretty sweet.

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Tell us about your days: Day time is usually lots of running around, and work work work! I\’m always on the phone.  Working on various tracks and lots of meetings and night time rehearsing, studio or practice. Never usually much sleeping.  I always manage time for fun though.

Who inspires you? People who totally embody their style and spirit – people like Erykah Badu. But also people around me, they wouldn\’t know it but most people I surround myself with are a great inspiration to me for one reason or another.

What music do you listen to everyday? I\’m a bit random…. my favourite thing to do is put my iPod on shuffle my mood dictates what I listen to and what I skip through. High on my rotation though is J* Davey, Lady Gaga, The Roots, No Doubt and Kelis.

What was your first CD you bought? The Baby Animals – self titled. I\’ve always had a bit of a love for rock. I was talking to Suze De Marchi the lead singers a while ago, and told her that was the first album I bought and she laughed. Think she was expecting it to be Usher or something [lol]

What\’s your favourite book? Scar Tissue – it\’s just so honest.

Where is your dream location of where you would love to play? Madison Square Gardens

What\’s your favourite thing you like to do to chill-out? Hmm.. usually literally nothing. Or hanging with friends, play guitar on the beach or long lunches.

What\’s your fashion style? Glam hip hop

What is your perfect day? A sleep in, a long lunch and playing some tunes.

What\’s the best thing about doing what you do? The way it makes me feel.

Who\’s your celebrity crush? Girl Crush – Katy Perry; Boy Crush – Robert Pattison

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?Can I say 3? New York, Tokyo & Broome. New York because it has he best creative energy, Japan because I love it\’s out there style and Broome as its beautiful and best place in the world to chill.


Describe yourself in 5 words: Eclectic, funky, eccentric, soulful and quintessential

What\’s your life\’s motto? Deep in my mind I believe everything is possible

What are you working on/juggling now? What\’s next for you? I\’ve been commissioned to do a remake of an old track, that may get picked up for a large scale project which is exciting. Getting ready to do a few collaborations. My tunes are going to hit the Nova rotation soon, So I\’m working fiercely on the album.  Juggling this with a fair few composing jobs.

Quick Girlie Questions:

What five favourite things can\’t you live without?

  • Family
  • Guitar(s)
  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Shoes/Collection of shoes

Which Sassi Moment best describes you and why?  ShopWrecked! I prefer to save up all my shopping moments, so I can have one big shopping binge, and I usually get on a roll. Fond memories of doing this overseas.

Your favourite fun and girlie thing you like to do? A cliche but getting a massage, closely followed by shopping and travelling and I love a weekend away with the girls.

Who would you like to have at a girl\’s night in and why? (Can be anyone anywhere in the world and they can be alive or passed on). Lindsay Lohan – crazy; Keira Knightly – sexy and Erykah Badu – cool.  It would certainly would be an interesting night!

You can catch Charmaine and her band TONIGHT at The Supper Club in Sydney – they promise to funk, rock, snap, crackle and pop your lid off!  Get your tickets here.

For more info, check out her website:  www.charmaine.com.au

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