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There\’s no time like spring for a fresh start. Clean out the wardrobe (sending off last season\’s faves to St Vinnie\’s), go through the fridge (who knew that mouldy veggie burger was still in there?), and ditch anything toxic in your life – from relationships to mindsets.

Skincare brand Dermalogica knows a thing or two about freshening up your life. It has brought out a new skincare line for teens, dubbed Clean Start.

Clean Start_group1_lr_frame

The range helps teens form good skin habits early because it doesn\’t contain artificial fragrances, making health – as well as beauty – a priority.

Included is a foaming skin wash, refreshing mist, a dual-action masque/scrub, SPF15 lotions, an overnight clearing treatment, a spot treatment, lip shield, and a nifty travel kit. So, you\’ll be a clean machine.

Head to for your nearest outlet.

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