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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington

Forget The Devil Wears Prada – this is the real thing ladies!  If fashion is a Religion – this is the bible.  My girlfriends and I frocked up to watch this documentary that follows the enigmatic Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue Magazine as she prepares to launch the biggest issue in the history of Vogue,The September Issue. We spent a fair bit of the movie exchanging sharp intakes of breath and I may have said “ouch” a few times because this woman could be very cutting.  However, it is also a candid, behind the scenes peek at how this amazing woman, “responsible for bringing back the fur coat” gained her reputation as the ‘Ice Woman\’ (perhaps that\’s why she needed the fur?)

September Issue

With her trademark black designer sunglasses, she is frank, unforgiving, relentless and knows how to get what she wants.  Her Creative Director, Grace Coddington (former Vogue model), knows Anna\’s style of working only too well, after 20 years by her side – which I think she deserves a medal for!  Both acknowledge the tension between them, yet equally recognise each others\’ strengths, although Grace does point out that Anna usually gets her way.

Sept Issue 3

And just when you start to think – come on!  This is fashion people  – not brain surgery, you discover whole world of the magazine.  Anna\’s siblings may think her work is “amusing” but there is serious pressure to perform each and every issue.  After all, you are only as good as your last issue right?  I find myself mindlessly flicking through magazines usually but I think I will be taking more notice about what is actually on the page now.  The magnitude of what goes on behind it all is quite interesting and highly competitive.

Sept Issue 2

The girls and I discussed the fact that fashion really isn\’t about changing the world – but then quickly recognised – it sort of is.  I mean, she really did bring back the fur!  She was also responsible for being a pioneer in recognising the potential of Hollywood celebrities as covers.  It is a billion dollar industry, so maybe they really are changing the world, one earring at a time???

Sept Issue


Grace Coddington – former Vogue Model – now Creative Director and right-hand to Anna Wintour [Source].

So get your faux fur, your frock, massive black sunnies and pair of gorgeous shoes to see this wonderful piece of cinema that shows you the REAL world of fashion – warts and all.  4.5 / 5



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