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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend

The Young Victoria is a compelling story of a young girl\’s journey to becoming Queen.  Don\’t we wish we all had that journey?  Who doesn\’t want to be a Princess?  Wear gorgeous dresses of satin and all things fine?  Oh!  Me please! (She says raising her hand)  However, this film does show another side to royal life that many of us would never really think of or possibly even comprehend.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  On the surface, all I see are the ball gowns, the riches and finery – but what of the schedule?  The commitments?  The promises made by those above and around us?  All of this is explored with detail and stunning scenery.  And it is a true story, so even though it may not have the extreme dramatic edge that so many of these period pieces usually do – it is as beautifully told as it is real.


Apart from the fact that Emily Blunt (Victoria) used to date that gorgeous crooner Michael Buble, she is best known for her comedic role as supporting actress in The Devil Wears Prada and as co-lead in Sunshine Cleaning.  She is absolutely gorgeous in this film and I think she is going to be a chick-flick favourite for years to come.  The Young Victoria has all the makings of a royal film and manages to tell one real story with just enough love, just enough heartache and just enough strength.  It doesn\’t boast the cast of thousands such as Elizabeth or the likes, but has plenty to please from the majestic castles and scenery to the coveted ball!

Young Victoria 2

Rupert Friend (Prince Albert), of Pride and Prejudice, plays the Victoria\’s husband and you can\’t help falling in love with him too.  Or is that just me with these types of movies?  The men are so dashing and fierce and loyal – oh it takes my breath away&  (Casually drops hanky).  The fairy-tale story of their romance is playful, touching and genuine.  I found myself smiling in the film and letting out a little sigh here and there – oh to be in love!

Young Victoria 1

The story is interesting and provides a bit of a history lesson too!  Queen Victoria\’s time in power was the longest of any ruler in history for Britain to date.  It also caught the eye of a true Royal – the Duchess of York!  That\’s right.  Fergie (not Black Eyed Peas singer, more like Sarah Ferguson) produced this film and be careful not to miss out on seeing the lovely Princess Beatrice in the very first scene, adding acting to her list of duties.  She appears in a scene that was actually her great-great-great-great grandmother\’s wedding.  Phew!  She must be pretty great!

Young Victoria 3

For any girl who longs to be a Princess or wonders what life was like as a Queen – this movie will not disappoint.  Drop your hanky for this one! 4 / 5



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