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Everyone’s talking about Heidi ‘unzipping’ for Page Six Magazine. The reason why they’re talking is because she ‘strikes’ back at Karl Lagerfeld’s comments that he didn’t know who she was and that she wasn’t a super model.

“I don\’t know why [Karl] said that. Maybe he wanted to be in the paper? Maybe he doesn\’t understand what I do? It\’s bizarre to me that he says he doesn\’t know who I am because he\’s dressed me in the past. I\’ve worn Karl Lagerfeld. Not even Chanel – his line. Lagerfeld doesn\’t just send random things everywhere, so it was a big thing for me [to wear his label] to the CFDA Awards a few years ago. I don\’t know how he missed that, when he dressed me that time. But you know, it\’s cool. People can say whatever they want to say. You can\’t please everybody, and you can\’t live your life wanting to please everybody either.”

Heidi Klum 1_frame

This edition will be included in the September 10 issue of The New York Post and the full interview will go online at the mag\’s official site on Friday.

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What do you think?  A storm in a tea-cup?  Does Heidi need to show her butt off, surely she’s past that?  Do you like them?


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