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There\’s nothing I like better than relaxing in the tub after a long day, with a dog-eared, chick-lit novel in hand – and a scented candle aglow nearby.

Australian-made holistic brand Be Genki comes in handy for the candle part of the equation. Its candles come with cool names like ‘Tranquility\’ and ‘Sensuality\’, so you immediately feel, well, tranquil or sensual&

And, if you\’ve heard all the stuff about scented candles being bad news for your health, well, this only applies to the paraffin varieties. Be Genki candles are kind to both you and the environment, being made from soy wax and scented with pure essential oils only – NOT a mixture of natural and synthetic fragrances. So, there are no toxins released when the candle is burning. Yay!


Be Genki creator and owner Sam Sample (love her name!) says: “When developing the candles, it was imperative that we stayed true to our animal/environment/everything-friendly philosophy, so that customers could experience the luxury of burning candles without the health risk to themselves and their environment. I\’m delighted to say that we achieved that and can now offer a beautiful range of 100 per cent natural candles available in the four distinctively alluring Be Genki styles.” Yummy.

A few of our faves (all $48 each)&

  • TRANQUILITY (comprising lavender, Roman chamomile, sweet orange and sandalwood) is designed to be used in the evening, when you\’re unwinding from the day and preparing yourself for bedtime.
  • SENSUALITY (with rose otto, ylang ylang, jasmine, Melissa, lavender and bergamot) is for when you want to help nurture the loving relationship you have with your partner or – more importantly – yourself! (Very Sassi.)

We also love that Be Genki donates 5 per cent of its profits to environmental sustainability campaigns. Awww, sweet!

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