Locket of Dreams

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Guest editor

Amanda Cole Author of I Hate Cinderella

Imagine you are 13 again, and there is a whole world of adventure and mysteries to unravel, well your inner 13 year old will love this book. It is a whimsical journey set in present-day Sydney as well as 1850s Scotland.


It is about a young girl called Sophie who slips on her grandmother\’s great- grandmothers golden heart shaped locket and while the rest of her family sleeps, she is transported back to in time to when her “old” cousins Charlotte and Nell are dealing with the sudden death of both parents and trying to keen their family\’s Scottish castle in there name.

Sophie falls back in time and watches as her ancestors as misfortune is bestowed upon them and is present (without the ability to say more then Boo) while her great-great-great- etc greedy uncle and aunt try and steal everything from the two orphaned girls.

It is a story of friendship, love and the rich colours of the Australian and Scottish landscapes.

It is beautifully written and a treat to play along with fiery arguments, stubborn daughters, and merciless families.

Belinda Murrell has worked as a travel journalist, technical writer, editor and public relations consultant. Her overseas adventures inspired her work as a travel writer for the West Australian newspaper and Out & About with Kids travel magazine. Her work has also appeared in the Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald. While Belinda studied Children’s Literature at Macquarie University, her passion for children’s books was reignited when she had her own three children and began telling and writing stories for Nick, Emily and Lachlan. After publishing the Sun Sword trilogy, Belinda has been dreaming of 1850s Scotland to write The Locket of Dreams whole traveling around Australia with her family.

Available now:  Random House Australia; RRP$15.95



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