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| 18 September , 2009 | 20 Replies

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Every girl, including Sassi, needs a bit of pampering every now and then, so and Hachette Australia has put together a fabulous Period Pick-Me-Up Pack to give away to one lucky reader.

The pack, worth more than $145, includes Moxie tampons, a Peter Alexander hot water bottle, slipper socks, Lindt chocolate, a size 10 turquoise Mooks singlet top (valued at $49.95), and two books – Nora Roberts\’ latest romance, Black Hills, and My Little Red Book (including stories from women of all ages, from all over the world, about their first periods). Girlie fun!

The drill on ‘impromptu\’? Well, it allows you to put an end to (ahem) impromptu shopping trips for tampons. I mean, how many times have you felt those telltale signs and realised you have no tampons or pads?


Melbourne businesswoman Paula Rodgers set up the service company in 2007, after a girl’s weekend away, where the subject of being caught out came up.

In her first blog last October, Rodgers described how she and her gal pals scrambled for tampons and pads each month: “Frantically searching through handbags and drawers, cursing ourselves because getting our period today was hardly a surprise. After 15+ years in our late 20s and early 30s, you\’d think we would have learnt by now!”

But they hadn\’t. So the seed was sown in Rodgers\’ mind and Impromptu was launched soon afterwards.  Impromptu offers women a reliable and convenient online service, from which they can buy Vixen condoms, Moxie and Cottons tampons, pads and liners, and Comforts incontinence  products – made by Australian-owned companies – all from the anonymous comfort of their own home.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand can choose to purchase all offered products as needed or use Impromptu’s personalised subscription service to order tampons, pads and liners, delivered to their individual schedule. So, no more hunting through your handbag or drawers for tampons left over from your last period! For more on impromptu, visit

Also treading into the territory of “that time of the month” is the cute tome, My Little Red Book, edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff. It includes cringe-worthy memories of ruby red blotches on school uniforms, blocked loos and the slow dawning horror of the sanitary towel.  Kauder Nalebuff is a recent high school graduate herself, so her first time is not exactly a distant memory! It\’s from Hachette Australia and is a guaranteed page-turner.

To win the Pamper Pack, just comment below by telling me how you pamper yourself at that time of the month.

You also need to be a member of Sassi Confidential, so get registered.

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** Australian residents only, you need to be registered for Sassi Confidential and please comment below by telling me how you pamper yourself at that time of the month. Winners announced end of next week. Good luck.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Congratulations to Anne for winning the Impromptu gift pack … winner chosen via

  2. Cassie says:

    I always take time for me, i might have my nails done, listen to my favorite music and enjoy a sleep in. I also allow myself to eat things i dont normally eat, i dont think eating a little bit of chocolate or a piece of cake once a month will hurt my diet too much.

  3. Carmina says:

    At that time of the month I like to be by myself and have a lazy day,sleep in late,stay in my
    comfortable pyjamas,read a good book and have a foot massage and eat sweets ,I am always
    craving,chill out and listen to Seal singing in my ears and keeping me company.

  4. cheryl fyfe says:

    i eat my favorite icecream while watching twilight and then having a relaxing bath with some essential oils and new age music.

  5. Anne says:

    I give myself a manicure, eat chocolate and read trashy magazines, while my husband creeps around quietly and caters to my every whim!

  6. lisa says:

    I pamper myself, having a relaxing massage,followed by a facial,then off to lunch at my favourite cafe,go and see a movie, then cat nap , evening watching my favourite movie,takeaway on menu.

  7. Joy says:

    Taking a day of work so I don’t stress, watching a good movie while eating foods that I love, having my feet up the whole day and getting my boyfriend to give me a foot masssage

  8. Danieka says:

    I pamper myself with Tim Tams, lots of Tim Tams 🙂

  9. Marie Young says:

    I just stay in my jammies all day 🙂

  10. Leigh Bonello says:

    By watching my favourite tv shows with comfort food and my 3 little chihuahuas by my side

  11. Lexi says:

    I make sure I head to the gym, because apparently exercise is really good for cramps. Then I have a relaxing bath, get my waterbottle ready, and hit the couch with a good movie and some chocolate.
    It’s the one time of the month that I have no regrets for eating a whole block! 😀

  12. Monique says:

    I love putting on a facemask after a long hot shower, then relaxing with my feet up for 15 minutes…heaven! Then some chocolate to top it all off 😉

  13. Shay says:

    I make sure I have a pack of Naprogesic on hand a week before the ‘big event’ takes place. I stock the house with ample amounts of chocolate, feel-good films and warn the boy of impending doom.

    The day it arrives I make sure I have time to go for a long walk – I find this soothes cramps and gives me a better, more refreshed outlook on life.

    In the days following I’m quietly confident that my automatic Impromptu subscription is keeping my supply of tampons and pads up-to-date, and there will be no horrible little surprises when I look in my bathroom drawer. : ]

  14. Merryl says:

    I get a long soothing massage. It reduces cramps and it seems to make that time of the month finish sooner. Try it!

  15. Sasha says:

    During that time of the month all the girlie things are a given for me (movies, comfy pj’s, indulgent choccies; tick, tick, BIG tick!) but my absolute favourite thing to do is jump online and catch up on my favourite blogs… a little online shopping never hurt anyone either! 😉

  16. Tammerly says:

    I equip myself with Moxie products, hang up my Moxie “What Part of Do Not Disturb Don’t You Get?” doorhanger and watch the notebook with munchies and a hot water bottle.

  17. sarah sayers says:

    I normally take two advil ( to numb the pain) make myself a peppermint tea, watch an old classic like singing in the rain and ofcourse lots of junk food like chocolate and fried chicken. That time of the month can almost be looked forward to!

  18. Shelley Cass says:

    At that time of the month I usually find myself craving some chocolate and I always give in!

  19. monica scurlock says:

    Find a gentle medication to take away the monthly pain…and voila…life gets back to normal! This doesnt sound like pampering…but why shouldnt a girl feel well all the time!

  20. Elana Bowman says:

    During that time, I usually bath every night, soak in bubbles, exfoliate, condition my hair , slather myself in moisturiser and take super nutrients. I take at least an hour an a half bath each night, drink hot chocolate – usually that yummy Swiss Miss no sugar one – and read.

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