Finger Licken’ Fifteen

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Jane de Graaff from I Ate It All

The new Stephanie Plum Novel

Premise: Bond Enforcement officer Stephanie Plum has her hands full tracking down deadbeats who don\’t show for court. It\’s an unpredictable job at the best of times, but when her work colleague Lula witnesses a murder, things heat up a notch.

Between tracking down her ‘skips\’, taking on extra work for the enigmatic (and ever so delicious) Ranger and keeping Lula out of trouble, will Stephanie ever manage to have a day that doesn\’t involve the fire-department, an ex-client from Lula\’s ‘Ho\’ days and at least one change into clean clothes?

Certainly not this time, because Stephanie\’s right in the thick of it and there\’s murders to track down and a BBQ competition to be won!

Finger Lickin_lr

Review: I love a character with a bit of sass- and Stephanie Plum\’s sure got it!

A bond enforcement officer, she\’s a bounty hunter with all the right connections and you just can\’t help liking the girl. She\’s got spunk and she ain\’t afraid to use it!

As far as I can tell this is Janet Evanovich\’s 20th Stephanie Plum novel and there\’s certainly more on the way. But despite the huge list of Plum adventures that have gone before, this story is a stand-alone rollercoaster that feels fresh, fast and very funny.

This is a book that just tears right on in, and it starts off with a pretty amusing recount of a decapitation. Yep that\’s right- a guy loses his head and according to the eyewitness, it kind of bounced when it hit the cement.

From here the story just rockets off, tearing along with plum in the lead as she applies her not-too-shabby detective skills and a brilliant knack for being in all the wrong places, to tracking down her man& or men.

This time she\’s got three ‘skips\’ on the go, two inept murders (one with a serious case of the giggles) and an intriguing serial burglar who seems to be by-passing high tech security systems all over town.

From seedy private paintball games, to high tech gizmos and a fair bit of double talk and innuendo, this is a book for all of us girls wishing life was that little bit more exciting and came with an order of ‘cluck-in-a-bucket\’ deep fried chicken on the side.

It\’s a great way to suspend disbelief, chase bad guys, blow up cars, taste hellish BBQ sauce, and all whilst trying to decide between two of the tastiest men in law enforcement& Ranger or Morelli? Ranger or Morelli? Long after I\’ve dog-eared the last page, I\’m still up in arms about it!

But it\’s all in a days work for Stephanie Plum& lucky girl! And who doesn\’t want to see if they can win the BBQ-cook-off and score the $1million reward?

Pull on your jeans and tight fitting t-shirt and hand me the keys to the Porsche Cayenne, cause it\’s time to rip in to the latest Plum adventure- Finger Lickin\’ Fifteen.

Janet Evanovich-

Available now:  Hachette RRP $32.99


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