The Beauty Secrets of a Multi-tasker

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Natalie Aroyan from Pink Hibiscus

I was walking through the Sydney CBD a few weeks ago at lunch time when I noticed something that I found amusing, interesting and yet, slightly disturbing all at the same time.

A lady was driving a car that was positioned midway through a busy intersection with a male passenger and a child in a car seat. She was eating her lunch, feeding the child, driving AND balancing her mobile phone! I couldn\’t believe it and many of the people waiting at the pedestrian crossing couldn\’t seem to either! Now I\’m a fan of multitasking but that\’s taking it to the extreme. As an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews from 4 months to 7 years old, I know that children can sometimes be very demanding in cars, especially when they\’re hungry. Did that person on the phone really need speaking to though?! Couldn\’t she have invested in a Bluetooth or perhaps used speakerphone if it was an emergency?! My most pressing question was though…why wasn\’t the gentleman in the passenger seat offering to feed the baby so that the lady could concentrate on navigating crazy Sydney city traffic?!



None of my questions were answered of course but it did get me thinking about things that women do to save time when it comes to their beauty routine. Further to that, what are we NOT doing that we COULD be doing that would make our ever hectic lives that much easier?!

I\’ve chatted to a mixture of experts and friends on the topic and have come up with a list of tips and tricks that I hope will make sure you don\’t neglect yourself just because things are crazy busy around you!

Tip # 1 – The Ultimate Speedy and Effective Body Pampering Routine…

I\’ve put together a step by step routine based on my love of pampering my skin but my need to also have it fit into my busy schedule! Obviously I would favour Pink Hibiscus products for the entire routine, but you can substitute your faves in every step of course!

Step 1: After showering, apply either Pink Hibiscus Replenishing or Purifying Exfoliant to a dry face in a circular upwards motion.

Step 2: Keeping the exfoliant on, use a spatula to distribute either the Pink Hibiscus Replenishing or Purifying Clay Mask to your moistened fingers before applying thinly and evenly on you face and upper neck.

Exfoliate Trio_framed1. Pink Hibiscus Replenishing Exfoliant for Normal/Dry/Mature Skin, RRP $22.00
2. Bloom Buff Off Apricot Kernel Face Scrub RRP $24.00

3. Living Nature Vitalising Exfoliant RRP $50.00

Step 3 (WARNING! Optional additional step ahead!): If need be, you can use this time to give yourself an ultra quick pedicure! Buff down your nails and apply a base coat (I love Dr Lewinns Ridge Filler at the moment as it gives my toe nails a smooth, perfect finish before applying colour). Apply 2 coats of your fave colour (I\’m a bit of an OPI gal and love Japanese Rose Garden for my tootsies!) followed by a super fast drying top coat like Dr Lewinns Revitanail (it\’s ultra glossy and lasts really well).Nails

Step 4: Use the mask\’s drying time to moisturise your body (my personal fave is the Pink Hibiscus Body Cocoon). Make sure to concentrate on often neglected areas like under the arms (this is a highly sensitive and traumatised area!), elbows, knees and the feet (do you know how many people forget to moisturise the top of their feet and toes because they concentrate purely on the heels?!).

Step 5: Fill the sink with warm water and remove the mask and exfoliant with a moistened face washer. Ensure that every trace is removed by splashing your face to get rid of any stray exfoliating granules!

Step 6: Finish off your quick beauty routine by toning, moisturising and gently patting on an eye cream.

Eye Quad_frame1. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Gel RRP $52.00
2. Living Nature Firming Eye Gel RRP $45.00
3. Pink Hibiscus Eyelights Eye Balm, RRP: $18.00
4. Burt\’s Bees Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Crème RRP $64.95

TOTAL PAMPERING TIME: 15 mins (I\’ve brought this down to 10 mins without the speedy pedi). If you\’re finding that your mask is taking longer to dry, then make sure that you are applying it thinly across the face.

These are some time saving tips that I regularly use but I would love to hear some of yours! You can email me at or comment below to share your tips with the rest of us!



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