Just One Push

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Starring: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Djimon Hounsou

If you liked the X-Men or you are into the television series Heroes, then you will love Push.  This film has all the markings of futuristic intelligence in the arena of psychic powers.  They even have cool names like watchers, pushers, movers, shifters, sniffs, shadows and more!  The storyline moves between visions of the future from a number of sources but isn\’t too hard to keep up with which was a relief.  I always like to actually understand the story& don\’t you hate it when you get out of a movie and you are not really sure what just happened?  No worries with this one, pretty straight forward and interesting.


The action moves at a steady pace and keeps it on track throughout.  It does make you think about the future and whether we have the ability to change it, even if we know what is going to happen?  A bit of a Sliding Doors moment when you wonder if a different path will lead you in the same direction?  Of course, the government is involved and they want to experiment with their powers to unleash a team of warriors for their own purposes.  It is more about saving their lives so that they have a choice in all of this – but is that possible?


Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) plays the lead mixed up in this paranormal adventure, his powers aren\’t fully loaded but he learns quickly with the help of Dakota Fanning.  He represents the character that is most like the viewer – trying to work out why it is all happening and whether it is worth his involvement in the first place.  He soon realises that whether he wants to or not – he is involved, which is much like life right?  Maybe not as dramatic, but just as real.


Well, Dakota is growing up!  It was inevitable I guess, but I keep thinking of her as that sweet little thing in I am Sam. I think she has hit the awkward phase as the braces on her teeth seem to be troubling her in this movie, however, she puts in a solid performance as a ‘watcher\’ with keen psychic powers and tenacity to fight to the end!  She has a pivotal role in being the believer in all this and trying to convince Chris to trust in his powers.


Camilla Belle looks so much like Katie Holmes, I couldn\’t take my eyes off her.  She was great in this role and like Dakota, has a long line of films from her childhood and her latest is 10,000 BC. She is the key to the success of the plan to keep a billion dollar secret safe, however, all seem a bit in the dark about how it is going to happen.  No one is quite sure whose side she is on – you\’ll have to wait to find out.


In the role of professional baddie is Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) and he does it convincingly.  He is a ‘pusher\’ and one scary dude.  He does have a couple of cronies – some crazy Asian guys who do some sort of screaming thing to disable their opponents – that is probably the only thing I found a little weird but otherwise, a believable group of antagonists!

All in all, a great movie with a set-up for a sequel which I will definitely be checking out  3.5 / 5



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