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Guest editorGuest Editor, Elissa Gunn

Kate Welshman\’s Posse opens at that painfully familiar school camp experience – where we all hoped to enjoy a break from school but often come home more physically and emotionally exhausted than after a normal week.

The painful camp experience in this story isn\’t limited to songs around the campfire and stodgy camp food, as Amy and her Posse get dragged into some pretty heavy drama with one of the camp counsellors.

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Amy\’s Posse is made up of a variety of types of girls – sporty, beautiful and Christian are some of the types in the group, who often struggle to find the balance between lightly criticising each other for fun to deliberately zoning in on each other\’s weaknesses in the heat of an argument.

Through the aftermath of the drama at the school camp, Amy and her friends slowly realise the importance of telling the truth at any cost and the real value of the Posse.

Welshman brilliantly combines the hot Australian summer with the boredom of the camp to immediately transport the reader to the camp. We come to understand Amy through her inner thoughts and this helps us to follow her decision making process about how best to deal with the drama and the Posse. The girls\’ confusion surrounding the drama makes you want to quickly read on to find out what they are going to do next. It is a solid story with a rather surprisingly strong message at the end.

3/5 stars

Available now:  Random House RRP$18.95


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