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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Carey Schuster from Girls’ Guide to the World

Hi, I am Carey Schuster from Girls’ Guide to the World.  I figured my first article ought to include a proper introduction.  One of my favorite articles describing GGTTW summed the concept up perfectly with the columnist noting, ““The first time I traveled to Europe, I immediately emailed all of my friends (who in turn reached out to their friends), to get the inside scoop on where to go and what to see and do. After all, if there is anyone’s opinion I trust most, it is my dearest girlfriends. I touched down in Paris armed with a tiny notebook listing which neighborhoods to explore, museums to peruse, chic cafés to pass the time, and a few not-to-be-missed hotels to rest my head. It was a personal itinerary tailored to my taste, in the reliable words of my stylish friends. Isn’t this the ultimate way to experience a holiday?  Enter the Girls Guide to the World, a boutique travel site connecting like-minded travelers with insightful tips for women, by women with discerning taste.”  As GGTTW seeks to provide fab info for ladies around the globe, we very much look forward to delivering you a regular and very useful travel tid-bit or two via the sassiest site in cyberspace, Sassi Sam.  Now, onto our editorial debut!


We’ll make the list, you can check it twice

Tricky flights, mandatory vaccines and jet lag…yuck! Tourist visas, malaria and liquid restrictions&double yuck. Traveling can be one of life\’s most enjoyable activities, but it can also be hectic and require quite a bit of planning. With this in mind, we have compiled a few different packing lists for various occasions ranging from traveling with the kiddos to your first weekend away with the new love interest. Preparation, after all, is the key to traveling success. And, that’s what we’re here for.

GGTTW\’S top tips for avoiding travel predicaments

For the romantics, pack the “S\’s” for your get-away weekend:

  1. Sexy night time attire – Kind of a no-brainer, but also a must have.
  2. Shaving device – Be silky, smooth and safe.
  3. Sneakers – Comfy shoes will make the trek to a romantic look-out or the schlep around town all the more enjoyable. He\’ll be impressed if you\’re game for whatever, but less so if you are wobbling in heels and complaining about aching feet.
  4. Sunscreen – There will be no nookie if you are roasted red and sore to the touch.
  5. Scripted Meds – Be comfortable and relaxed&avoid allergies and unwanted pregnancies.

For the parents, pack the “TIONS” for your vacation:

  1. Documentation – If you are crossing the border, be prepared. All little-ones are required to have a passport and ID. It\’s also a good idea to take birth certificates and medical records.
  2. Medication – Pack all required medication as well as a small travel-friendly first-aid kit. There are heaps of these compact kits on the market. They are handy and reusable, just replace what you use.
  3. Sanitization – Hand sanitizer is always a good idea for avoiding germ-causing illnesses, perhaps even swine flu.
  4. Distraction – Games, books and DVD players are always reliable forms of amusement. Pack plenty of activities and be sure all batteries are charged beforehand.
  5. Hydration – Formula, juice and water are always key for keeping everyone hydrated and happy..

For the globe-trotters, pack the “2 worded” necessities for your overseas adventure:

  1. Paperwork – Passports, visas, itineraries, confirmation numbers, flight details, vaccination records, birth certificates, travel insurance, addresses, phone numbers, and medication prescriptions – make sure you have it all.
  2. First-Aid – Prescription meds, first-aid kits, malaria tablets, water purification tablets, allergy tablets, and stomach meds are all desperately missed when they are needed, especially if you are in an area when they are hard to find.
  3. Day Pack – You\’ll want to take a camera, your important documents, water, wallets, etc. with you for the day. You won’t want to take your massive backpack, suitcase, or teeny-tiny hand bag. Get a stylish comfy day pack and have everything you need when out on your day excursions.
  4. Reading Material – Stock up on books and magazines. You never know where you might get delayed.
  5. Appropriate Attire – Forget being fashionable, be comfortable. Ok, and maybe throw in one or two interchangeable evening outfits and one pair of impractical shoes. Just in case.


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