Blue Noise

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Elissa Gunn

‘Blue Noise\’ by Debra Oswald uses the alternate voices of Ash Corrigan, a guitar worshipper, and Erin Landers, a girl who over-thinks everything, to tell the story of six young high-school students on their journey to discover the joys of being part of a band.

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The arrival of Charlie Novak and his passion for Blues music sets Ash, Erin and other passionate musos on the path that takes them from rehearsing in a garden shed to attending music festivals to playing gigs.

Through the ups and downs of the two narrators accepting their place in the band they slowly come to understand their place in their families and with others around them.

It is definitely a book for those who at least have some interest in music, but having no knowledge of blues is a plus, as the book takes you on a fun, informative journey.


Available now:  Random House RRP$18.95


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