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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

“Is it really possible to feel so alone in a crowded room?”

Just ask Charlotte Usher.

Charlotte is used to being overlooked, to be passed by unseen and to ultimately, be invisible. Though until recently that was just a state of mind. Now, just when she thinks her dreams are about to come true (she\’s paired up with the oh-so-popular, super mc-hottie, Damen Dylan), the unthinkable happens.

She dies.


A slight set back in the eyes of Charlotte, who decides that this may in fact be the very means to achieving her dreams; attending the Fall Ball and receiving a Midnight Kiss from Damen. However, not everyone is happy with Charlotte\’s plans.

First there is Petula, the most popular girl in school, who is as beautiful as she is vain, and much to Charlotte\’s dismay, she also happens to be Damen\’s current girlfriend. Second there are the Dead Ed kids, and most importantly Prue, who thinks Charlotte\’s a slacker and in serious denial.

And then there\’s Scarlet, Charlotte\’s best friend and means to achieving her goals. By possessing Scarlet, the girl who is so-out-she\’s-in, will Charlotte ever receive her Midnight Kiss?

Tonya Hurley\’s first book Ghostgirl had me hooked before I even opened the front cover. Although I\’m always fond of the good old paperback for ease and practicality, every once in a while there comes a hardcover that on look and style alone will have you queuing up to buy it. This is one of those moments.

Building on her dark and very quirky website, (which is a must see for all design fans like me), the hugely accomplished Tonya Hurley has created one afterlife of a book.

This book follows the life and death of Charlotte Usher, and her desire to be popular, though she\’d settle for just being noticed. With a new look and killer shoes Charlotte starts out on her campaign.

“This year is different. This is my year.”

Well, things definitely are different for poor Charlotte, as she finds that there really is life after death.

This is not your average high school drama. Be immersed into a world of teen crushes, catty fights, cliques, cheerleaders, and a good dose of insecurities and gothic attire. Then add several ghosts, death and some haunting behaviour.  (And that\’s just the Fall Ball.)

Ghostgirl is a well-balanced mix that will have you smiling, cringing and strangely intrigued. It\’s a light read that will draw you into the weird and wacky world of two schools; one dead and one living, with characters you either love or hate.  And this is just the beginning.

“Dreams always come true. It might not be in your lifetime, but they\’ll happen&” – GG

Available now:  Hachette RRP$24.99


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