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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Jane Rowley

Party, party, party – the 1920\’s produced the ultimate good-time girl. She knew how to shop for divine outfits, spent hours preparing for a night out and hit the clubs with the ultimate good-time dance, the Charleston. Sophie Kinsella, the author of Confessions of a Shopaholic, has gone all historical on us and created a hedonistic flapper in her character Sadie, a ghost who haunts her hapless niece, Lara.

Sophie Kinsella

Lara has a lot on her plate when Sadie appears. She\’s just been dumped by her boyfriend whom she\’s desperate to win back, she\’s invested all her money in a business she knows nothing about and her business partner hasn\’t returned from a holiday to Goa. Meanwhile, Sadie has little on her mind other than finding her missing necklace, handsome men and dancing. Despite their differences, ethereal or otherwise, the girls discover they have more in common than revolting relations.

Sadie and Lara share the agony of a broken heart. A piercing pain most of us have experienced. Through her characters Sophie Kinsella encourages us to find strength in our relationships with genuine friends. Friends who allow us to be ourselves while simultaneously encouraging us to take the emotional risks that help us grow. Sadie, for all her brusque manner, has learned this lesson well and she pushes Lara, at times unmercifully, to rid herself of the negative\’s that are holding her back.

Sadie works her way through Lara\’s love life, her business relationships and her wardrobe. Lara returns the favour by uncovering the mystery of Sadie\’s missing necklace and renewing Sadie\’s faith in true love. But it\’s not easy. After an expensive encounter with a vintage clothing shop Lara finds herself on an excruciatingly embarrassing first date and this is where Kinsella\’s talent shines. Her clever observation of today\’s mores and taboos means you\’ll find yourself giggling as she pushes her character, Lara, further and further into social quick-sand.

Lara plunges from one ‘wish the earth would open up and swallow me\’ moment to the next and because we\’ve all had that thought at one time or another, Lara is a loveable character – after all, she\’s every-girl. Even the predictable ending doesn\’t seem to make Twenties Girl any less entertaining. Romance, a little bit of mystery and great clothes; that\’s what every girl wants!

Available now: Random House RRP$32.99


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