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OK, that got your attention! But the “Pitts” we are actually looking at today are the ones under your arms (not the one that acts as Angelina Jolie\’s handbag sorry.)

Dove Deodorant has conducted new research, which has found that women have an alarming apathy towards the health of their underarm skin – despite it being similar in structure to that of the face!

The study found 83 per cent of women surveyed have at some point been embarrassed by the condition of their armpits (Sassi included!).


Shaving is said to be a major contributor to poor underarm skin health, as 20 per cent of what a razor removes is actually skin! Even though the damage is obvious, the study found 44 per cent of women continue to shave their armpits up to 156 times a year and worryingly almost one in three use their boyfriend/partner\’s razor – meaning it\’s probably blunt and causing further skin damage!

Dove Deodorant can at least help to repair the damage done – it comprises of a quarter of moisturising cream. Marketing manager Sarah Ryan says: “Dove Deodorant has been specifically designed to gently care for underarm skin and help support the skin\’s vital moisture, which is lost during the shaving process.” Sounds good to us.


The In The Pits Research was conducted by Pure Profile, polling 1000 women, aged 18 to 45 years, online.

And new to the Dove Deodorant collection is the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.  It is the first product in Australia to combine clinical strength wetness and odour protection with skin caring ingredients and body responsive technology, perfect release for summer!

With one quarter moisturising cream, it provides 48-hour protection even after showering and features a soft fragrance of cucumber and green tea. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.  I’ve used it and I’m likin’ it and I’m hard to please ’cause I have a favourite brand that I get from the US that we don’t have here *sigh*

Dove 1


• Dove Original Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant – RRP: $13.99

• Dove Original Deodorant Aerosol – RRP: $4.89

• Dove Original Deodorant Roll-on – RRP: $3.69

Stockists: Ph 1800 061 027

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