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We love a beauty brand that dares to do things differently. And, this one has done so in such a beautiful way.

Paris-based Diptyque, which produces a line of scented candles and perfumes, has teamed up with illustrators Kuntzel + Deygas to create a new duo of scented candles, aptly named the Beauty and the Beast.

The Diptyque duo feature completely individual scents, which are said to intermingle seamlessly when burnt together. The ‘Beast\’ scent is a woody violet, while the ‘Beauty\’ version is more of a flowery affair. Together – like human pairings – sparks fly. They are yin and yang – a perfect match!


The Diptyque ads, as well as the product packaging, also feature the delightful drawings. We\’re in love.

(Sorry no “on counter” dates for Oz yet!)

The video is another whimsical french creation … song is Celestial by Tunes United.

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