Cupid\’s Arrow

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

As a child, Fleur was plagued with dark nightmares, and for a while, it seemed they had passed. Now, years later, Fleur\’s nightmares have returned.

She\’s being hunted. Through a dark shadowy forest, Fleur runs for her life. There\’s someone chasing her, and they won\’t stop until she\’s found. She runs, trips, and even tries to hide. But the hunter will not give up. The hunter will not stop searching&


Something about the nightmare hits home with Fleur and she can\’t help but wonder if it was just a dream or perhaps something more.

Putting her fears behind her, Fleur travels to France with her mother, to accept a sudden inheritance. There they arrive in the ancient French town of Avallon, thought to be the last resting place of the ‘real\’ King Arthur.  It is there, at Bellerive Manor, that Fleur and her mother soon find themselves in some rather unexpected company.

With rumours of a murderer on the loose, Fleur soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery, where people are no longer what they seem.

“Dreams are strange things.”

In Isabelle Merlin\’s third novel, Cupid\’s Arrow, we follow 16-year-old Fleur, as she is thrown into a journey full of mystery, intrigue, terror and romance. Don\’t let the covers fool you; this is not your average walk in the park teen novel.

Through the interpretation of dreams and with the help of some strangers, Fleur tries to unravel a mystery that spans across the continents.

With a voice and style that will appeal to teens everywhere, and a flowing pace, that will keep readers hooked, Cupid\’s Arrow is a surprising gem that draws on the mystery and adventure of the legend that is King Arthur.

“You\’re in legendary country here. Don\’t you know the stories? … When someone sees a white deer, it means they are going to have an extraordinary adventure.”

Available now:  Random House RRP$17.95


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