Belle de Jour: Playing the Game

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Katherine Scott

Is our favourite call girl about to give up her sexcapades for a nine-to-five career and a kitten?

At the forefront of the sex blog movement, Belle de Jour was no wallflower in a new age of sex lib. What began as a small online blog diary of the same name (pilfered from a French novel and film as her nom de plume), detailing all of her most personal and saucy escapades as a call girl in London, soon catapulted into a cult phenomenon, spawning a series of books and a TV adaptation based on the mysterious femme fatale.

London Call Girl Duo

The third and most recent book in Belle\’s growing catalogue, Belle de Jour: Playing the Game, differs somewhat to her previous exploits. It still adopts the same tone and diary format of the previous two books The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl and the inventively titled follow up, The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl (we can all breath a collective sigh of relief that for her third volume she didn\’t go with The Even Further Adventures of a London Call Girl).

London Call Girl_frame

However, even before reading this book there is a significant disparity: it is fiction. The first two books were, as her loyal publishers will attest, memoirs. But Playing the Game follows Belle and her friends on a fictional journey, in which Belle dances with the prospect of giving up the high life for a chance at love and a conventional existence.

The fantasy aspect does detract a little from the book\’s intrigue, especially as one is still left speculating as to what became of the real-life “Belle” of the first two installments. But while the premise is a little bit fluffier than her previous offerings (that is not to say it is without Belle\’s signature raunch), the book itself is an easy read and fans are unlikely to find fault with the writer\’s unswervingly forthright manner and wayward sense of humour.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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