Vogue Girl Korea eats cake, lots

| 6 October , 2009 | 7 Replies

Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy … these images are just perfect for the Tuesday blues after the wet long weekend that we have just had here in Sydney (boo) … they come from Vogue Girl Korea back in March 2007 – but who cares they are just so fun and girlie and are worthy of pretending it’s my lounge room right now!

I would so love to do a photoshoot like this, although I know I would want to taste test all the cakes!  Yah, let’s eat cake!

And I saved my favourite pic until last … so scoot down and tell me which is your favourite shot!

Vogue Korea 1

Vogue Korea 4

Vogue Korea 5

Vogue Korea 3

Vogue Korea 6

Vogue Korea 2


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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    I’m sorry I have no idea, it’s probably only applicable in Korea I would have thought. Just like plastics you get on the covers of US, European or Aussie mags.

  2. Ra says:

    I have the latest issue of Korean Teen Vogue and it contains a bright pink plastic credit-card like card in it called the “Vogue Girl Shopping Card”. On the back, the instructions are written in Korean and I only read/speak English. Do you know what the Vogue Girl Shopping Card in the last issue of Korean Teen Vogue is for and how to use it??

    Thanks so much!


  3. Lucy says:

    Fabulous!!!!! Great shoots in there!!

  4. Estelle says:

    ooohh I love the last one too!
    They’re obsessed with macarons in Asia, and they’re so cheap too.

    I like the one where she has the cart, because of her big bow! hehe

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