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You know how much I love my friend Donny Galella, he’s not only an amazing person to have as a friend but he’s incredibly talented.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about his style makeovers he’s doing at Westfield Eastgardens and Centro Roselands.

So I asked Donny to send through some before and after shots of two makeovers he did as well as some tips for us on how we can achieve those looks.  And look at Nicola’s make over below, it made the front cover of Roselands‘ in-centre Style Magazine.  You can see how much her confidence has been boosted before you read Donny’s story below.

Nicola – “Geek to Chic”

Nicola before and after

  • When I first met Nicola, she seemed to be a really shy introverted girl.
  • The first thing that stuck me was that she is tall, a bit lanky, wearing an oversized baggy uniform. However under all that I knew there is a tall, slim body and a girl with a gorgeous smile and a great pair of legs. She looked about 30 years old, but she is only 21.
  • When I style, I always look for the best parts of that body to highlight and for Nicola – it was her tiny little waist, her long legs and her stunning blue eyes.
  • I instantly knew that I had found a rough diamond, I could not wait for her to be polished off and to sparkle.
  • Nicole has amazing blue eyes, so to bring them out, I swapped the belt on the dress for a fabric scarf in blue tones, I also used a pair of cobalt blue suede heels and jewellery that had blue tones to help bring out her eyes.
  • Her hair needed a fresh new colour, some highlights were added in around her face to help frame her face.
  • I worked with the hairstylists to create a modern edgy look for her. A sweeping fringe was introduced to frame her face and add a stylish touch.
  • Her eyebrows were waxed and re-shaped. This by far, made the biggest difference. I recommend all ladies to see a eyebrow specialist to have their brows shaped and styled.
  • As I began to dress and style her, the whole look came together and the unwanted years were stripped away. Leaving us with a sexy, sophisticated and chic looking girl.
  • Once the shoot was over, Nicola confessed that she had never felt so beautiful in her life. We were both overcome with emotion, knowing I had made someone feel the most beautiful they have ever felt. I felt so honoured and privileged knowing how happy she was. It was a moment I will never forget.

What she wore: (all clothing available from Centro Roselands)

  • Bronze Moonlight shirt dress – $139.95 from Jacqui E
  • Blue and black print scarf worn as belt – $19.95 from Jacqui E
  • Inniu ‘Rosa\’ Cobalt blue high heel – Gigi Shoes
  • Black feathered ‘Siren\’ clutch bag – $59.95 from Gigi Shoes
  • Swarovski necklace – $245 and earrings both from Centre Jewellers

Fotene– “Elegant Elongation”

Fotene before and after

Fotene is a stunning pocket rocket, she has so much energy and life all packed into a compact size. She reminds me of Kylie Minogue and I\’ve been on set with Kylie Minogue before, and these two girls are around the same height. When dressing Fotene, its all about creating optical illusions to make her appear taller.

So ladies, if you want to look taller, here are my secret tricks (not so secret now) 🙂

  1. Invest in a pair of nude coloured platform heels – as these help elongate the leg. Because of the colour the shoe blends in with the leg, so it makes the leg appear longer. Every girl who wants to look taller, should own a pair of nude coloured pumps.
  2. You need to create a long vertical line, so that the eye looks up and down. A long maxi dress will create the illusion of height, and make the eye look vertically. Finding a dress with vertical stripes would be ideal or if the dress had draping at the front of it.
  3. Avoid horizontal stripes or wearing belts that are too thick. A thick belt, will create a strong bold horizontal line, so your eye will focus on this. But we want to create strong vertical lines, not horizontal lines.
  • I put Fotene in a ‘Miss It\’ dress. It had shades of blues, turquoises, browns and creams in it. Bold patterns are really in fashion at the moment.
  • I styled her with Boho style turquoise jewellery from Diva to bring out the tones in her dress. A pair of stunning earrings, a stack of bracelets and a ring. I used two long necklaces, that dangled down her chest, to create a stronger vertical line to make her look taller.
  • With her hair, we have her a disheveled quiff style bun. The high hairstyle gave her more height and made her look taller.
  • Make up – she has a gorgeous face, so Alison (the makeup artist) brought out her cheek bones, added long individual lashes and the main feature was turquoise eye shadow around her eyes to bring out the tones in her dress and jewels.

What she wore: (all clothing available from Centro Roselands)

  • ‘Into fashion\’ Print maxi dress – $49.95 from Miss It
  • Nude ‘Mandie\’ platform heels – $49.95 from Spendless Shoes
  • Jewel from Diva

So what do you think?  There’s still time left to get a Donny makeover at Westfield Eastgardens, they are ending this weekend.

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  1. Sasha says:

    WOW! These are amazing! Great before and after shots.. what a difference some styling makes. A great job by Danny Galella!

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