Kim Kardashian glams up the bikini’s

| 9 October , 2009 | Reply

Regardless of what you think about Kim Kardashian and how much the photos have been photoshopped, I love her body confidence, she embraces her curves and we should totally celebrate that 🙂

Kim has been photographed for FHM in South Africa … I know it’s all very glossy and gratuitous; it’s for a male audience and it’s a girl in a bikini god why do we care? but you know, it’s not a tacky photoshoot and can you imagine how hard it’s been for her being curvy in the celebrated world of Celebs Must Be Skinny! My favourite shot is the one in the white bikini, she looks relaxed and natural.

Kim Kardashian FHM_1Kim Kardashian FHM_2What do you think?


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