Hannah Havana\’s Kooky Accessories

| 11 October , 2009 | Reply

Ok, so I\’ve seen sky-high stilettos that should really come with a safety helmet, but these ruby-red, disco dazzlers really take the cake!

How gorgeous are these Heels on Wheels from Hannah Havana? They may not be the most practical footwear in the world, but I can definitely see myself making my footsies home sweet home in these sparkly babies.


Essentially a jeweller, but in many ways an artist too, Hannah Havana (from the UK) takes mundane objects and reworks them into surreal, precious and fun accessories. A former Royal College of Art student, she ensures all her pieces are imbued with a sense of playfulness and her principle that bad taste can be good taste ensures that kitsch is never far from her design-work.

Candlabra Bra

There’s not a lot to be found, she’s ‘famous’ for her Candelabra bras which is very very clever don’t you think and her food accessories.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home *clicks heels*


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