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| 12 October , 2009 | 4 Replies

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Carla Caruso, Diamonds & Whirls

Lydia-Jane Saunders is not only a whiz fashion stylist, she is also the creative brains behind Lydia Jewels. We spoke to her about her passions.Lydia

Tell us about how you got into fashion styling. Did you study or did you just have a natural flair for it?

I\’ve always had a creative flair and a love of all things fashion-related and I\’ve been so lucky to work in two of my dream roles – as a fashion stylist and a jewellery designer.

I started out with a communications degree and interned at Marie Claire magazine, where I completely fell in love with the fashion cupboard and realised my calling as a stylist! My work as a stylist has taken me all around the world, including London, where I freelanced for and assisted the Telegraph\’s fashion director, Hilary Alexander.

When it comes to my own jewellery pieces, I\’m completely self-taught. During my time at InStyle magazine, one of my hand-made necklaces was used in a shoot and I started getting enquiries from boutiques about the label. And so, Lydia Jewels was born!


What celebs and glossies have you been lucky enough to work with?

I lived in London for a few years, so I\’ve worked with a range of UK celebrities and a wide array of magazines – anything from Noise and Total Spec to Women\’s Health and Handyman. My absolute favourite job was for Enigma magazine (a Dubai publication with a HUGE budget!). The location was the Westbury Hotel in London and all the clothing was from Bond Street boutiques including Chanel, Cartier and Marc Jacobs. They even opened Armani early for me to pull my outfits and, with the jewellery borrowed from Graff, came two bodyguards and over a million pounds of baubles. I was in heaven!


Why jewellery and not clothing, handbags or shoes perhaps?

From a very early age, I\’ve adored all things sparkly – my nickname among my friends is the ‘Bowerbird\’! And there\’s something so elegant and feminine about beautiful jewellery. Plus, it is completely trans-seasonal and can be passed down through generations of women.


Why do you think young women are increasingly getting involved in jewellery design?

No woman can resist the lure of sparkling jewels! I actually believe that jewellery design is a really creative outlet, like fine art or graphic design. You have the opportunity to create something that is truly unique and it will be treasured by the wearer.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, people are still investing in statement pieces and quality jewels. The easiest way to update an old outfit is with new accessories!

Just look at some of Australia\’s biggest designers – Chelsea De Luca, Elke Kramer and Lola & Bailey – all are creating amazing collections of statement jewellery. Women understand what makes a piece of jewellery truly special!

Visit Lydia Jewels for more.


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  1. Cialis says:

    gvhx5t Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  2. Tammerly says:

    How sexy are these designs and the campaign really does the job: it makes me want to buy the roducts and it makes me want to know more about the brand. I must say I had never heard of LydiaJewels before but now I want to know mor about the brand! Thanks for introducing the brand, Sassi 🙂

  3. Estelle says:

    I’m lucky enough to own lots of Lydia Jewels pieces. They’re so well made and ageless, I’ve had some pieces for years and years that can be worn over and over.
    Her pieces are only getting better too- I’m in LOVE with the bridal range which isn’t only for brides!

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