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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Starring:  Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Stern


Whip It will make you want to strap on your skates and become a Roller Derby Girl!  This screenplay written by the author of Derby Girl, Shauna Cross is the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore and she is on fire with this one!  Ellen Page (star of Juno) is perfect as a small town girl of Bodeen, Texas looking to get out of the Oink Joint and find something she can truly love in life.  Her mother, played by the lovely Marcia Gay Harden seems to think that the beauty pageant rounds will be enough, but a flyer about Roller Derby in Austin, Texas soon puts an end to that!


Some great actors in this film with all the stunts performed by the girls themselves!  Right on!  This story is an old favourite really, but set in the Roller Derby scene makes it new, interesting and a really enjoyable movie.  I went with three other girls and we just loved it.  Lots of giggling and a secret desire to become a Roller Derby girl ourselves is what we ended up coming out with.  With names like Iron Maven, Smashley Simpson and Babe Ruthless – we were hooked from the beginning!  And we decided that we would be trying to work out our own names asap!  I managed to see on the Whip-It official movie site that you can enter your name and it will generate one for you!  How cool is that?


The contrast between the pageant life and derby life is explored in its true sense.  The pageant offers superficial happiness whereas the derby offers real friendships and although tough on the surface, runs deep and true.  I know which one I would choose – bring it on Candy Snatcher, that name was generated for me on the website!  Special mention must go to Alia Shawkat as the ‘best friend\’ – she was just wonderful and although has a long history of experience, this is the first time I have noticed her on film (apart from Arrested Development) – watch out for this one – great actress!


So impressed with this film, I began to wonder if there was any chance that we had roller derby in Australia.  Here\’s the thing – it is HUGE!  Who knew?  I am soooo excited and totally going to go check it out, if not audition because this stuff is really hot – I am in love with it!  If you think you might love it too, Skate Australia is a good place to start – otherwise google has plenty of options!

Be your own hero and don\’t miss this one! 4.5 / 5



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