Baubles with heart by Chrissy L

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Carla Caruso, Diamonds & Whirls

A mother and daughter\’s battle with cancer has inspired a hip accessories label.

Daughter Chrissy Leighton turned to jewellery-making as a respite when her mother, Maria, was struck with cancer. Then Chrissy herself faced the big ‘C\’. Both came out the other side and, through the darkness, a new force in the accessory industry was born, dubbed Chrissy L.


The 7th collection – Cote D\’zur – is inspired by sunset cruises on the French Riviera and the sparkle of the heady days of Studio 54.  It includes turquoise, yellow and black oversized gems set into silver and gold casings.


The bohemian edge, combined with its signature bling, means the pieces can be worn from day to night.


Aussie celebs such as Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Deni Hines and Holly Brisley have already clued into the charms of the label, which will be launched in the US next year.


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