Ghostgirl: Homecoming

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

‘Heaven couldn’t be a phone bank, could it?\’

Interning at a hotline isn\’t exactly the afterlife Charlotte was expecting, especially when she\’s the only one who\’s not getting calls. If the only way for Charlotte to officially cross over is to help at least one troubled teen, all she needs now is a troubled teen, and some good old fashioned advice to give said teen.

Enter, Scarlet, who\’s on an impossible mission to save her sister, Petula, from crossing over before her time. Soon both sisters find themselves comatose and in dying need of Charlotte\’s help. More than happy to oblige, the two best friends set out on an otherworldly search to find Petula, with the help of a new friend, the girls take their adventure on the road.

Will they find Petula in time? Or will the risks mean losing everything?

Ghostgirl Homecoming_lr

In the second installment of Tonya Hurley\’s Ghostgirl series, Ghostgirl: Homecoming we see a solid continuation that brings together all the characters from the first book, with a quirky take on an afterlife that will keep the reader\’s hooked for more.

Expecting something along the same lines on the first book, I was curious to see how Tonya Hurley would pull it off without being too repetitive. (Which happens too often with sequels). Though I must say, even though it does draw on some of the storylines of the first book, it is a good continuation that is possibly, better than the first book.

The writing is just as interesting as Ghostgirl, and the storyline will amuse readers of all genres. I found that as soon as I had started reading it became hard to put the book back down. Though it is a light story, it has many twists and turns, and characters that you\’ll love to hate. And some who aren\’t always what they seem.

Join Charlotte on an otherworldly adventure and fall in love with a new type of fiction.

‘Life sucks. Even when you\’re dead.\’

Just ask Charlotte Usher.

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Available now:  Hachette RRP$24.99


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