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| 22 October , 2009 | 6 Replies

Big W may not be H&M or Target but that hasn’t stopped Peter Morrissey and Bruno Schiavi unveiling their first collection for BIG W titled MAN by Peter Morrissey and WOMAN by Peter Morrissey to a group of close friends, Big W staff and media last week at the Summit Restaurant in Sydney.

Fashion Parade

The dress collection has something for everybody and was designed to inspire women to wear something special, everyday. From this seasons must have looks in sequins and body hugging forms to the more classic draped shoestring and one shoulder dress, the range showcases Peter Morrissey\’s signature style that his fans adore. The affordable range showcases fresh, bold colours with sexy lines and the show stopping floor length Maxi Dress in the bold black and white zebra print. From the perfect office look to cocktails, Christmas parties, a day at the races or drinks with friends. Woman by Peter Morrissey has got you covered.

Peter & Models

The Woman by Peter Morrissey lingerie collection also ensures that not only will you look great on the outside but underneath as well. The range includes lingerie for special occasions as well as everyday wear: Bra\’s, briefs, g-strings and baby dolls in feminine pink lace with soft frills, bows or diamante charms create a luxurious range of lingerie that is comfortable and sexy. The classic delicate black is present as well as colours ranging from pinks, corals, mauves and aqua marine. This gorgeous designer range comes with quality, comfort and value at the forefront minus the price tag.

Available nationally in Big W stores from today (Thursday 22nd October).

Check them out on their website … what do you think?

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Elicia you wear steel cap boots 5 days a week & you’re not ” a designer wear kinda girl”. Clearly you are budget concious but you have no taste in clothing or sense of fashion or style :/

  2. Elecia says:

    Bought a Peter Morrissey from Big W and it’s stunning……the quality is amazing, the style, fabric and design are all beautiful…..i’m not a “designer wear” kinda girl BY ANY MEANS….I wear steel cap boots 5 days a week craps’ sake….Yvonne I am budget conscious (which, from how you’ve written it here is totally insulting) I have kids, a mortgage, car, and boat payments…..and for something to be available to someone in my situation is extremely rare, especially given the quality and how it makes us “BUDGET CONSCIOUS women out there feel when Designers like Peter make pieces like this available to us….. E

  3. Yvonne Chandler says:

    Pete Morrisey was once a credible designer. I have seen his collection at Big W and its nothing short of awful. Poor quality, lots of polyester and hideous designs, aimed at the budget concious. For a designer trying to resurrect his career he may have buried himself with this collection.

  4. Sassi says:

    I would have thought Target would have been the collaborative outlet of choice, Big W is a bit strange to be honest. But the designs look lovely, I will have to go in and have a squizz and see what the quality is like, etc.

  5. Natalie says:

    I’ve no opinion on Peter Morrissey, I don’t own designer clothes, and highly likely, never will, but the prices on these clothes are expensive – when you realise you’re shopping at Big W. Whether it pays off or not, time will tell, but for Big W, far too much, especially when you realise Big W don’t have sales at all, so there ain’t no 20 – 30% discounts you’ll be buying these clothes for.

    @ Candace, the quality at Big W these days is outstanding. Think Target, minus 10 to 15 bucks. Yeah, there’s some cheap and nasties thrown in the mix, but on the whole their range of ladies apparel is exceptional, better than Kmart in most cases, but given the dubious quality at Kmart these days, that isn’t saying a whole lot. (The “Girls Express” label and athletic gear excepted, Big W haven’t caught up in those departments, yet.)

  6. Candice Pendergast says:

    Stella McCartney and Target…. well, ok I guess, but Big W? Really?

    People shop at Big W because its cheap. That’s their spot in the department store market. To introduce a label like Peter Morrisey is just odd.

    I really wonder about the strategy behind this – is Peter Morrisey trying to make his clothes more available to those with lower budgets? Perhaps?

    I think going Big W is going a bit too far and waters down the brand. Just my opnion anyway. 🙂

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