Totally contorted

| 22 October , 2009 | 1 Reply

If you think touching your toes is flexible, try slinging your leg right over your shoulder and smiling. That\’s exactly what Australia\’s leading contortionist, Bree Robertson, does for a living and she makes it look like a piece of cake!

Bree Robertson

Bree has an impressive background in dance and professional gymnastics. In fact, she was the first Australian to win an individual medal for rhythmic gymnastics in Europe. Now retired, she uses her bone-defying flexibility to entertain in a unique and glamorous contortionist come cabaret type of performance.

Bree Robertson 16

I love these tupperware photos, you know how much I love fun and colour 🙂

Bree Robertson Duo

I can barely touch my toes these days, it’s appalling how bad my flexibility is … how’s your flexibility?

Check out her website for more amazing images.

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