January Jones steams it up for GQ

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Everyone has been talking about the sizzling hot photoshoot in the 2009 November issue of GQ Magazine of January Jones, aka as Betty Draper from Mad Men.  The main focus on conversations have been around her boobs on the front cover and whether they were photoshopped (apparently they are the real deal after much online debate).  But who cares about that, how hot does she look?  Don Draper, eat your heart out!

January Jones Front Cover

The 31-year-old Mad Men actress spoke to GQ about her South Dakota upbringing and said:

“I don\’t have a lot in common with Betty,” January says, “but I\’m very protective of her. I just feel like she\’s trying really hard to make her life good, and make her marriage work, and it just seems hypocritical that when she slips up, people get mad. Because Don does it all the f—ing time.”










And to think Ashton Kutcher told her not to continue pursuing acting!  You can read January‘s cover story online at GQ.com.

Are you watching Mad Men too?  Are you just lovin’ it?  You know what I love the most (well not THE most) but I really really love the illustrative beginning of each episode! I’ve even posted it for you!


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