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So it’s coming up to Halloween at the end of this week, if you’re heading out to a Halloween party what are you going to dress up as?  To help you along Sephora have come up with some gorgeous looks that you could create.  I know Halloween is not huge here but we’re slowly getting into it and are using it as an excuse to put on a party!

Vampire_Blogger Size


  • After applying eye makeup, use a sponge to smear it upward and outward, for a chilling effect.
  • Complement your fangs with a pair of spiky faux lashes and long black nails.
  • Flip your hair upside-down and spray it with lots of hairspray. This will keep locks looking disheveled all night.
  • Keep your complexion makeup fair and define with deep-toned blush for a goth-like allure.

Video how to

Fairy_Blogger Size


  • Sprinkle loose shimmer powder into your body moisturizer for allover sparkle that sticks.
  • Give special attention to your lower lashes: lengthening and defining them create an instant doe-eyed look.
  • For an extra angelic gaze, rim your upper and lower lash lines with white liner and blend luminizer around your temples and on top of your cheek bones.
  • For a fairy-like flush, apply blush only to the center of your cheeks. (Directly below your irises and to the side of your nose.)

Video how to.

Cleopatra_Blogger Size


  • When applying black liner, get as close to the lash line as possible—a small detail that adds major impact. (Hello, hypnotic eyes!)
  • For the best brow definition, use wax to define and shape, then go over it with powder for extra intensity.
  • Go for the extra long false lashes; they higher they extend, the more geometrical your eyes will look.
  • Instead of blush, use bronzer to sculpt your cheeks, concentrating the color only along the cheekbones.

Video how to.

MarieAntoinette_Blogger Size


  • To create a powdered-wig look, hold a dry shampoo spray close to your hair and mist it liberally until the white powder builds up.
  • The secret to reshaping lips into an itty-bitty pout? Concealer and reverse lip liner.
  • Use bronzer on your lids for a pop of gilded glamour.
  • Use a dark eye liner pencil to create a faux beauty mark—and then set it with a translucent powder to ensure it doesn\’t budge.

Video how to.

Mouse_Blogger Size


  • Wear flared fake lashes to enhance the winged out shape of your eye makeup.
  • Create a really wide-eyed look, but applying generous amounts of white liner to the inner corner and rims of the eyes.
  • Keep hair extra slick by styling it while it\’s still wet. Once it dries, spray hairspray on a toothbrush, and use it to tame any remaining fly aways.
  • Use cream shadow and a sponge to create a mouse nose; create clean whisker lines with a liquid liner and a ruler.

Video how to.

And MAC have prepared this amazing Halloween video:

So which look do you think you’d walk out the door with?  I’m sure the Vampire is going to be the most popular, but of course I love Marie Antoinette.

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  1. Monique says:

    Love these looks – now… just have to find the Halloween party to attend! 🙂

  2. Estelle says:

    WOW! They’re gorgeous looks.
    I dressed up as Marie (MOrie) Antoinette last year for Movember and I wish I had used some of those tricks, I love the lips.
    and hmmm I like the look of that mouse hair, I’m going to try and re-create it.

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