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Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

In a world of darkness, there is one who will bring light &

When a humble candlemaker rescues a child from an unknown danger, he sets off a course of events that will one day lead to a battle to save a dying race.

Raising the child as his apprentice, the candlemaker soon discovers there is more to this child than meets the eye. When strange things start to happen, and some new forces come to town, it would seem that life for the candlemaker and his young apprentice will never be the same.

Tallow, by Karen Brooks, is the first book in ‘The Curse of the Bond Riders\’ series. As a young adult fantasy it reminds me somewhat of Christopher Paolini\’s tale of the young dragon rider Eragon. It is a classic fantasy tale that explores the life of a 13-year-old child, growing up on the edge of a mystical border, known as the Limen.


The story unfolds through several perspectives, and at first, it was a bit confusing to follow, as the story constantly changed from first to third, then to other characters perspectives, but once you get through the first few chapters the story really starts to flow.

The tale of young Tallow is a solid start, with the potential to become a great epic fantasy. The characters are all relatable, in the fact that there is a depth to them that delves deeper than the surface to show that there are often several layers to a person\’s character, and various reasons for their behaviour.

There are some brief touches of romance, as numerous lives and motives slowly intertwine. With multiple players who lay in wait, watching the child\’s progression and talents. Tallow is just the beginning of the Bond Riders series, opening a door to a world where Bond Riders roam, magic is forbidden, and secrets are exposed.

Available now: Random House RRP$27.95


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