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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Gaelan Connell, Lisa Kudrow

I guess the pictures and the name give it away, but it is a music driven comedy about the most popular competition among high schools, called Bandslam!

BandSlam - A4 poster no date

The battle of the bands begins when a group of misfits manage to come together under the direction of Will Burton, a newcomer to the school.  Even he was roped into it by Charlotte played by Aly Michalka (she\’s also on the High School Musical 3 Soundtrack)! Of course Vanessa Hudgens, well known for High School Musical series takes an interesting role in this one that is most probably the start of her trying to show some versatility.  On the surface there are some brilliant moments that will get you giggling and they really play out the ‘awkward moments\’ throughout your teenage history.  What I really wish is that I was even half as cool as these kids were – and I am not talking about just in high school – like right now people!   It has some deep moments but is mostly fluffy and fun!

bandslam 3

I particularly love the confidence they all display as musicians, singers and performers – it was lots of fun to watch and to practise some chair dancing.  I got the moves baby!  The extensive band members were awesome and it looks like they are all really playing the instruments – so you gotta love that!  In particular, I would have to say that the star of the show was Gaelan Connell (Will) – his character was so natural and he really gave you that awkward slash cool aspect that teenagers can pull off so well.  His dialogue was clever and gave him a superior edge when talking with his mother, Lisa Kudrow – who was really lovely in this film too.  She came across well as the struggling single mum, whilst being supportive of her son\’s endeavours.

bandslam 2

Hudgens was going for the gritty look but she is sooooo pretty, it was really difficult to tell.  I did like the relationship between her and Will though.  Her most interesting feature was her name – you\’ll have to watch it to find out – but it sort of sets up how she thinks and it was quite catchy in the end!

bandslam 1

The movie has lots of little storylines to keep you hooked and essentially reminds you how much fun music really is.  I am so glad we are having all these music movies coming back into fashion – it\’s great on so many levels and it really makes the arts cool again – yes& I am a gleek!


So gleeks!  Do you wanna rock?  Then Bandslam your way into this movie!  3 / 5

Out on DVD 30th December.



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    i loved it!!!!! Thank you for the invite!!! Lu7cy

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