Halloween at theloft

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theloft held a Twilight Halloween party during the week and my partner in crime Amanda and I were meant to go along but we just couldnt and we are totally bummed that we didn’t!

Guests were greeted with bloody mary shots and cauldron\’s of Bella\’s Bubbles – which was a grenadine based cocktail with dry ice – so it bubbled on the top and looked ghastly. Tasty treats for the ‘would-be\’ victims of vine ripened tomato bruschetta, prawn wontons, Tuscan meatballs and chilled gazpacho (with blue swimmer crab and wasabi).

Halloween_theloft_01The main ‘moment\’ for the evening is 10 dancers crawling onto the stage and broke out into a choreographed routine of Michael Jackson\’s Thriller! It was choreographed by Pania Taku of So You Think You Can Dance. They apparently looked totally scary as the zombies.


Twi-hard fan, Maude Garrett was the best vampire of the evening! Wearing a cape, fangs with little devil horns and kept on baring her fangs at everyone who walked by!


Nacho Pop & SnobScrilla enjoyed the performance but didn\’t get all dressed up for the occasion (no that’s not Snobscrilla with Nacho Pop, that’s the lovely Rose).


At the end of the evening, two best dressed winners were picked – a guy dressed up as a werewolf and a lady dressed up as a Gothic Princess (she had wings and a very gothy dress).

Manda and I are bummed we missed out, it sounds like so much fun and I don’t know what costume we could have worn but it sounds like everyone really got into dressing up.

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