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Sarah Kempson, Sarah\’s Style Emporium

Most kids will tell you they want to be a movie star when they grow up, but it is only the very talented and dedicated individuals who manage to carve out a career in the film and television industry. Georgii Speakman is one of these few who though passion for her craft and enthusiasm to succeed, has thrived in this cut throat world and maintained her Australian roots in the process.


Born in 1982, Georgii knew at age 5 that she wanted to be an actress. By 15, she was waiting tables and planning her future – a double degree in Business Communications & Film and Television, followed by training with Flinders University Drama, SA Casting, Actors Centre NSW, Screenwise NSW, John Higgins American Dialect, Lynette Sheldon NY and Practical Aesthetics NSW & NY.


From small parts in telemovies in the early 2000s to feature roles that see her winning awards in more recent years, Georgii\’s motto of ‘You only live once, so never hold back pursuing all your dreams\’ is evident in everything she does. Splitting her time between home in South Australia and work in New South Wales, Georgii knows the struggle of living the double life, carving out her dream career whilst surviving financially and waiting for the lucky break that will see her split her time between Australia and the US in years to come. In addition to acting, Georgii is also a creative producer and recently formed a South Australian production company, Storyland Media, with Storm Ashwood and Leigh Nemeth who together bring a bevy of talent to the table.


A dedicated girly girl, Georgii\’s favourite things to do with her girlfriends are manicures, pedicures, shopping and a good dose of gossip! When she does get some much needed time off in SA, hanging out at her beach house and enjoying the best sand, seafood and sunsets in the world is high on Georgii\’s to do list. In fact, if SA was a deserted island, Georgii would want to be stranded here with the love of her life, but in the meantime, perhaps Matt Damon, her celebrity crush, would be up to the challenge? He\’s ‘smart, intelligent and an enormous talent\’ (and not to mention very nice to look at too!).


Love, friends, good food, sunshine and laughter and the five things Georgii can\’t live without, but I\’d add Bio-Oil to this list – Georgii\’s must have beauty product. Coming from someone whose appearance is very important to their work, I think we can safely say Georgii is on the money when she recommends this product. ‘I use this on my face at night and my skin is so soft and smooth the following day! It\’s amazing!\’

Currently, Georgii is working on two feature films, supernatural thriller The School and the edgy Audacity. The lead in both films, Georgii declares the best part of her job is the magic of seeing the end result of the films you have been in, meeting fantastic people and forming friendships on set. These amazing people are some of the biggest influences in her life, alongside her father and grandmother. She also looks up to people who make the absolute most of the gifts and talents they have been given.


For now Georgii continues to live her dream, redecorating her apartment and shopping online in between filming the scenes of her busy life. Georgii is an inspiration to anyone who one day hopes to be an actress, or really anyone who has something they aspire to achieve. ‘Your dream is in your hands and you have the power to master it into a reality.\’ (Georgii\’s blog, May 27, 2009).

Visit her website for more info and watch her showreel, you’ll see how good she is!


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