Dupe thongs are coming downunder

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Dupé, which is pronounced doo pay\’, is Havaianas\’ little Brazilian thong cousin and thanks to Aqueo, the team behind Havaianas in Australia, we\’ll get to meet Dupé this summer! There\’s a Dupé for everyone and with over 20 designs to choose from, you\’ll probably want to collect a few.

I\’m loving my pair! They\’re so malleable on the feet that they almost, literally put a bounce in my step. This is probably because they\’re made from a super soft, super flexible high tech rubber that is exclusive to the Dupé brand, but the super comfy cushioned heel probably helps too!

Mine are from the gel range, which is made out of HXP Gel. This range also comes in an adorable children\’s range called ‘dupezinho\’ and printed ranges called ‘Realce\’, ‘Bolinhas\’, and a ‘Charme Estampada\’.

Anyway, doo try these ‘doo pays\’ – it\’s like walking on gummi bears!

For stockists call Aqueo Distribution on 02 9369 0500

Prices start from RRP $14.95.

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