Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume

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Heidi Klum is amazing don’t you think?  She’s renowned for her Halloween parties and each year comes up with something so out there and this year is no different.  Her hubby Seal and her sweetness came as Black Crows.  Yep black crows!

Modelina got the lowdown from Ms Klum on the inspiration for her black crow costume!

“For Halloween, my motto is ‘more is more.\’” said Heidi. “As the host, I have to set the bar high so that people feel excited about dressing up.  I feel like people are freer to express themselves in costume.  I try to think of costumes every year that haven\’t been done or that I can make my own like the Red Witch or Dracula.

Heidi Klum_halloween

This year, I chose a character from a movie my daughter, Leni, loves called Howl\’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki.  I think he is so great and has amazing vision.  I love the way he created Howl and how he changes from bird to human in a sexy way.  So I thought the crow would be cool!  I wanted it to be a feathered costume but only use 10% of real feathers.  The rest were feathers made out of fabric.”

Heidi_Klum_Halloween2Is she not the coolest Hollywood Celebrity?

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