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Giveaway Time horizontal final

Have you read our interview and review with the delightful Penelope Green for her third book, Girl by Sea?  What?  You haven’t?  Well you’d better get over there quick ’cause you are going to fall in love and want her book!

Girl By Sea

I’m excited to report that I have FIVE copies of her book to giveaway.

AND to win one of the five copies I\’m giving away, tell me where you would want to go and live for a year and of course why!

You also need to be a member of Sassi Confidential, so get registered.

Your Pop Culture Gossip Girl

** Australian residents only, you need to be registered for Sassi Confidential and please comment below by telling me where you would want to go and live for a year and why. Winners announced next week. Good luck.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Congratulations to Jody, Kelly, Aik, Christine and Ann. You each win a copy of Girl By Sea.

  2. Jessica says:

    I would love to live in New York City! I have never been before but something is drawing me there and I know I would love it! The shopping, museums and galleries appeal immensely but so do all the record stores, vintage markets and great looking restaurants tucked away in the villages. A girl could definitely be in heaven there with all those shoes… and men!

  3. Ann says:

    Tokyo for the total sensory overload of crowds, customs, food, language and lights; and the challenge of stepping outside my comfort zone where the social mores are traditional yet mysterious.

  4. Deb Harrison says:

    The island of Elba – I recently spent 1 week there and thought I had died and gone to heaven – so 1 year there (eating seafood every day, every course) would be bliss!

  5. Carmina says:

    I would like to live in Egypt and work on my tan and live like the locals and meet a mummy or two and explore and find some treasures and get around on a camel and have a adventure.

  6. Merryl says:

    Europe. It is impossible to choose just one country when there is so much to see, do and eat from one end of Europe to the other. Of course, while I’m there, I would have to attend the ultimate music gig… the Eurovision Song Contest (insert laugh or boo here).

  7. Belinda Bonello says:

    The Whit Sundays because for a whole year I can relax in the sun on the beach

  8. monica scurlock says:

    Malta…small island, generous people ( family there as well), waters sooo blue pictures dont do them justice and sun to warmth your heart, soul and body! Perfect!

  9. Aik says:

    I would like to spend a year in France because I’ve heard someone saying this: “France is a country of extraordinary sensory experiences, sumptuous flavors and fine food and wines. With Paris to the fore, all of its big cities teem with culture, nightlife and life& France, in short, is the travel destination, bar none.”

  10. Christine says:

    I don’t want to leave Australia, I love it too much, but I’d like to go west and spend a year exploring places like the Pilbara…I just don’t think a quick holiday would reveal the real nature of the area. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find stories of other people’s overseas travels exciting! 🙂

  11. Ali says:

    I would love to live in Pamplona, Spain. The city is overflowing with culture and spanish food is to die for! You can head to the quiet backstreets; the perfect setting for a romantic liazon or to the large plazas and parks to chill out and read a book. What more could you ask for?

  12. Carla says:

    I would love to spend 12 months in Monaco. Just think: the suave men, the celebs, the champers, the caviar, the Ferraris, the palatial homes, oh… and that it’s a tax haven! Um, why aren’t I there already?

  13. Jody says:

    I would definitely live in Italy, possibly Siena or Lucca for a year. Hubby and I spent 6 weeks camping through Italy and it was one of the best holidays ever. I started learning Italian years ago but I am anything but fluent. I need to live it to learn it when it comes to a foreign language. I still practice my Italian everyday and I’m hoping to get back there next year to experience more of this wonderful country. I’ve read Penelope’s previous anecdotes on her time in Italy and I can resonate with needing a change so big that you move countries, I went to Canada for mine. Not enough Italian practice there but great Italian food!

  14. Kelly Robson says:

    Woops wrong link haha. It should be this one;

  15. Kelly Robson says:

    I would love to go live in London for the yr. I have always wanted to go there because of the history, art, literature and architecture of the old buildings. I would love to live in a place like Beatrix Potters house; it is gorgeous and would be peacefull in the country side. I also would feel more at home as I live in the country here. I would love to sit in the flowery meadows and do my art like she did, pick strawberries, make home made scones and collect fresh eggs.

  16. Sasha Southwell says:

    I’d love to live in the Greek Isles for a year experiencing the food, culture and people. I also think it would be pretty amazing to learn an ancient language!

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