Young, Loaded & Fabulous

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

Beware: Not for the prim and proper.

Queen Bees Alice and Tally have it all, looks, money, social standing and an utterly fabulous and outrageous group of friends. There are parties to attend, sophisticated European cities to travel to, and plenty of gorgeous boys to flirt with. Life for the girls is pretty fantastic.

Enter:  an attention-grabbing American beauty, Dylan.

Things are about messy. Especially when it becomes obvious that Dylan has her sights set on Alice\’s best friend, and current main squeeze, Tristan Murray-Middleton.

In this glamorous world, the lives of these young, privileged and beautiful teens are about to get turned upside-down, as the claws come out, the rumours start spreading, and scandal is never far away.

It\’s devious, catty, and positively fabulous!

Young Fabulous & Loaded 01

Young, Loaded & Fabulous by Kate Kingsley is in one word: addictive. A cross between Gossip Girls and British show Skins, it is a truly outrageous read.

There is scandal, cutting behaviour, devious actions, glamour, boys, sophisticated European countries and a privileged group of teens that all have various problems to deal with.

Readers should note, this is not a sweet story with sunny horizons and shinning knights on white horses, this is a realistic look into the lives of the young and rich. There is some profanity and various modern references to things such as ‘Facebook stalking\’.

Through various points of view, readers will see the story unfold. There are characters to love, envy, hate and pity. It\’s fresh, fun and great for teens who can\’t help but love a good scandal.

To keep it plain, this book has bite.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$16.99


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